| Home | [c] cover, [w] writer, [p] penciler, [i] inker, [e] embellisher. Re = Reprint (CO = Conan the Barbarian, ST = Savage Tales, COA = Conan the Barbarian Annual, SSC = Savage Sword of Conan, GSC = Giant-Size Conan, CHC = The Chronicles of Conan, CV2 = Conan [Dark Horse], MFPRS = Marvel Feature presents... Red Sonja).

All stories Conan involved except otherwise mentioned. Red Sonja involved [7] and shortly [11]. Bêlit involved shortly [8]. Jenna involved [12] and shortly [15]. Erlik involved [14]. King Kull involved shortly [21].

The Chronicles of Conan (#13–)

Dark Horse. On going (2003–) | In color.

Reprints the original (recolored [1]) Marvel Conan the Barbarian (1970–1993). Books partly verified [99].

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Issue Title Writer Artist

John Buscema [c], Ernie Chan [c]
"The Thing in the Crypt" [61][62][63] Re: CO-92-78 Roy Thomas Sal Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [e]
"The Devil Has Many Legs" Re: CO-101-79 John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chan [pi]
"The Men Who Drink Blood" Re: CO-102-79
"Bride of the Vampire" Re: CO-103-79
"The Vale of Lost Women" [1] Re: CO-104-79
"Whispering Shadows" [2] Re: CO-105-79
"Chaos in the Land Called Kush" [3] Re: CO-106-79
"Demon of the Night" [3] Re: CO-107-80

John Buscema [c], Ernie Chan [c]
"The Moon-Eaters of Darfar" Re: CO-108-80
"Sons of the Bear God" [4] Re: CO-109-80
"Beware the Bear of Heaven" [4] Re: CO-110-80
"Cimmerian against a city" [4] Re: CO-111-80
"Buryat Besieged" [4] Re: CO-112-80
"A Devil in the Family" [5] Re: CO-113-80
"The Shadow of the Beast" [6] Re: CO-114-80
"A Wizard fo Wizards" [7][8][9] Re: CO-115-80

John Buscema [c], Ernie Chan [c] [98]
"Crawler in the Mist" [97] Re: CO-116-80 [& Cover] Len Wein, Jean Marc DeMatteis [10] John Buscema, Neal Adams
"The Corridor of Mullah-Kajar" [11] Re: CO-117-80 [& Cover] Larry Hama John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [i]
"Valley of Forever Night" [12][97] Re: CO-118-81 [& Cover] Jean Marc DeMatteis John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [pi]
"The Voice of One Long Gone" [8][12][13][97] Re: CO-119-81 [& Cover] John Buscema [pi], Bob McLeod [i]
"The Hand of Erlik" [12][14][97] Re: CO-120-81 [& Cover] John Buscema [p], Bob McLeod [i]
"The Price of Perfection" [15][16] Re: CO-121-81 [& Cover] John Buscema [p], Bob McLeod [e]
"Conan the Cimmerian, Prologue" Re: COA-2-76 [& Cover] Roy Thomas John Buscema [pi], Yong Montano [pi]
"The Phoenix on the Sword", #1 & #2: "Ring of Evil" [17][21][96] Re: COA-2-76 Vincente Alcazar [pi], Yong Montano [pi]

John Buscema [c], Wil Glass [c]
"The City Where the Time Stood Still" Re: CO-122-81 Jean Marc DeMatteis John Buscema [p], Bob McLeod [pi]
"The Horror Beneth the Hills!" Re: CO-123-81
"The Eternity War!" Re: CO-124-81
"The Witches of Nexxx" Re: CO-125-81
"The Blood Red Eye of Truth" Re: CO-126-81
"The Return of the Conqueror", #1 & #2: "The Mark of the Manotaur" & #3: "Siege and Slaughter" [18][19] Re: COA-4-76 Roy Thomas John Buscema [pi], Ernie Chan [pi]
"Bride of the Conqueror" Re: COA-4-76

Wil Glass [c], Gil Kane [c]
"Snow Haired Woman of the Wastes" Re: CO-127-81 Jean Marc DeMatteis Gil Kane [pi]
"And Life Sprang Forth from These" Re: CO-128-81
"The Creation Quest!" Re: CO-129-81 Gil Kane [pi], P. Craig Russell [i]
"The Quest Ends" Re: CO-130-82 Gil Kane [pi]
"The Ring of Rhax"Re: CO-131-82 Bruce Jones Ernie Chan [pi], Gil Kane [p]
"Games of Gharn" Re: CO-132-82 Gil Kane [p], Danny Bulanadi [pi]
"The Witch of Widnsor" Re: CO-133-82 Gil Kane [p], Danny Bulanadi [i]
"A Hitch in Time" Re: CO-134-82 Gil Kane [p], Ernie Chan [i]
"King of the Forgotten People" [20] Re: COA-6-81 Roy Thomas Gil Kane [pi]
#18 "The Forest of the Night" Re: CO-135-82 Steven Grant Marc Silvestri [p], Joe Rubinstein [i], Danny Bulanadi [i]
"The River of Death" Re: CO-136-82 Bruce Jones John Buscema [p], Danny Bulanadi [i], Mel Candido [i]
"Titan's Gambit" Re: CO-137-82 Alfredo Alcala [pi]
"Isle of the Dead" Re: CO-138-82 Val Mayerik [pi]
"In the Lair of the Damned" Re: CO-139-82
"Spider Isle" Re: CO-140-82 John Buscema [pi]
"The Web Tightens" Re: CO-141-82 John Buscema [p], Brett Breeding [i]
"The Maze, The Man, The Monster" Re: CO-142-83 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [i]
"Life Among the Dead" Re: CO-143-83 John Buscema [p], Ricardo Villamonte [i]
"The Blade and the Beast" Re: CO-144-83 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [i]
"Son of Cimmeria" Re: CO-145-83 Alan Zelenetz Richard Howell [p], Bob Camp [i]
"Night of the Three Sisters" Re: CO-146-83 Mary Jo Duffy John Buscema [p], Bob Camp [i], Brett Breeding [i]
"Tower of Mitra" Re: CO-147-83 Bruce Jones John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [i]
"The Plague of Forlek" Re: CO-148-83
"Deathmark" Re: CO-149-83
"Tower of Flame" Re: CO-150-83 Michael Fleisher
#20 "Vale of Death" Re: CO-151-83
"The Dark Blade of Jergal Zadh!" Re: CO-152-83
"The Bird-Men of Akah Ma'at!" Re: CO-153-83
"The Man-Bats of Ur-Xanarrh!" Re: CO-154-84 Gary Kwapisz [p], Bob Camp [i]
"The Anger of Conan" Re: CO-155-84 John Buscema, Michael Fleisher John Buscema [p], Steve Leialoha [i]
"The Curse!" Re: CO-156-84 John Buscema [p], Ernie Chan [i]
"The Wizard" Re: CO-157-84
"Night of the Wolf" Re: CO-158-84 John Buscema [p], Rudy Nebres [i]
"Cauldron of the Doomed!" Re: CO-159-84 John Buscema [pi]
Conan the Barbarian issues #160 to #167 and Conan the Barbarian Annual #7    
"Red Shadows and Black Kraken" [11][12] Re: COA-7-82 Roy Thomas John Buscema [p], Danny Bulanadi [e], Ricardo Villamonte[e], Armando Gil [e]
Conan the Barbarian #168–#173 and Conan the Barbarian Annual #8 and #9    
"Dark Knight of the White Queen" Re: COA-8-83 Jim Owsley Val Mayerik [pi]
"Wrath of the Shambling God" Re: COA-9-84 Michael Fleisher Ernie Chan [pi]
Conan the Barbarian #174–#181 and Conan the Barbarian Annual #10    
"Scorched Earth" Re: COA-10-86 Jim Owsley Ernie Chan [pi]

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