Den 3: Children of Fire. Original Art Plate"Den 3: Children of Fire"

13+13+18+10+10+12(series) pgs. Appeared first time in Children of Fire #1 (1987) to #3 (1988) and goes on later in Den [III] #8 (1989) to #10 (1989). Reprinted in Den 3: Children of Fire (1991) Album.
Story/Color(overlay technique only in first three parts)/Art: Richard Corben [printed sign © 1987 (in parts 1 & 2), © 1988 (in part 3), © 1989 (in parts 4 to 6) Richard Corben]. Lettering: printed (Corben).

FRA FRA: as "La Saga de Den [I]", as a 4 part serial in USA magazine [II] #33 to #36 (1988), and as "Enfants du feu", as one in Enfants du feu (1988) and as one in La saga de Den Tome 4 (1992).
GER GER: as "Die Kinder des Feuers", as a 6 part serial in Schwermetall #122 (1989) to #127 (1989) and as a 6 part serial in Schwermetall, Neue Sammelband #28 to #30, and as one in Die phantastische Welt des Richard Corben #9 (1993).
ITA ITA: as "Figli del fuoco", as a 3 part serial in L'Eternauta #72 and #74 (1984), and went on as "La Casa Del Silenzio", as a 3 part serial in L'Eternauta #107 (1992) and #109, and as one in Best Comics #14 (1993).
NL NL: as "Kinderen van het Vuur", as one in Den [NL] 5.
SPA SPA: as "Hijos del fuego", as a 10 part serial in Zona 84 #48 to #59, and as one in Richard Corben obras completas #10 (1990). and as one in Den [SPA] 3.

Style: Parts #1 to #3: Colored with overlays; Part #4: Blue Line Colors, and Parts #5 & #6: Fully Painted Colors. Genre: SF/Fantasy. Time Span: Ancient fantasy. Nudity: Voluptuous females.
Original Art Plate [Parts 1–3]: The drawings are done in pen, ink, and markers on 11" x 17" Bainbridge bristel paper. The cover is painted in gray acrylic and oil on paper. [Corben's web site]
Original Art Plate [Parts 3–6]: Different kinds of coloring techniques, airbrush, color pencil, markers, gouache.
Keywords: Aliens. Emergency landing. Alien language. Sorcerer. Pirates. Eggs. Treasures.
Synopsis: There is an alien emergency landing near sorcerer Zeg's and his servant Zomug's castle. Kil and Mal are aliens; they speak alien language, which Corben keeps in secret during the first episode. Kil and Mal bring eggs, which Zomug is after, while Zeg has treasures, which pirates are after. Zeg has a voluptuous cook, Pucca. In Part 4 Kil and Mal have flashback as visit in past on their own planet, where they queen was attacked by spider monsters. Queen gets killed and Kil and Mal travel through space to Neverwhere (the very beginning of Part 1), which ends the flashback. Kil and Mal lost each other after landing on Neverwhere. In the beginning of a story Kil looked like kind of an athletic man, but later carring eggs (her future infants) her breasts start to grow; she is the prequeen. Kil travels with Zomug; Zomug gets killed and Mal finds wounded Kil with an infant.
Comment: Corben's style of color and drawing became faster. Quality is still very good on Parts 1 to 3, but on a way to Den[III] (Parts 4 to 6) he losts himself into different drawing techinques, which do not look like good as an Album. In Corben's own story, there is no beauty of early Den Saga. Serial and Album versions are as equal as possible.
Extras: Den's Legacy, a full length run through of entire Den's adventures (beware a major spoilers!).
Children of Fire is Fantagor Press's first color serial comic book and the last series done by color overlay technique.

Den 3: Children of Fire, Part 1, 13 pgs

Den 3: Children of Fire, Part 2, 13 pgs

Den 3: Children of Fire, Part 3, 18 pgs

Den 3: Children of Fire, Part 4, 10 pgs

Den 3: Children of Fire, Part 5, 10 pgs

Den 3: Children of Fire, Part 6, 12 pgs

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