2000. PirateNet. Web animation. Color. 10 episodes, 2 minutes long continous [Flash] animation. []

Script/Creator-Jan Strnad. Art Direction/Creator-Richard Corben. Supervising Producer-Andrew Brandou. Director-Danielle Marleau.

Trailer (1 min 0 sec, 787 Kb)
Episode 1 (2 min 50 sec, 813 Kb)
Bludd is a Elephan Man type of retard monstrous kid, who has got an extra ordinary talent to see something no-one else does.
Episode 2 (3 min 10 sec, 1127 Kb)
Instead of school Mother puts Bludd into asylum. Bludd reveals a little bit of his capabilities.
Episode 3 (3 min 0 sec, 1533 Kb)
Bludd is now adult, still in asylum. Doctor makes experiments with special worms. Bludd meets Liluna.
Episode 4 (3 min 0 sec, 2021 Kb)
Liluna has got similar strange dreams. Liluna and Bludd get caught. Bludd opens the gate to the other place.
Episode 5 (3 min 17 sec, 1429 Kb)
The other place has odd environment. Liluna and Bludd will be arrested by aircraft people.
Episode 6 (2 min 6 sec, 1414 Kb)
Bludd ends up to slavery, but Liluna frees him. Aircraft people know sorcerer. Socerer collects special worms.
Episode 7 (2 min 0 sec, 1574 Kb)
They try to get rid of evil socerer but something goes wrong.
Episode 8 (1 min 40 sec, 1837 Kb)
Liluna and Bludd retreat back to asylum. There is a group of lunies, but Bludd's gift does not effect on them.
Episode 9 (2 min 8 sec, 1579 Kb)
Liluna and Bludd fights bare hands. Doctor excorcise the socerer.
Episode 10 (2 min 3 sec, 1667 Kb)
The socerer beats Liluna and Bludd. Bludd opens the gate to the other world. Police finds unsolved case. Liluna and Bludd are in the other place.

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