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FSF1Finnish Science Fiction [#1]. Jan. 26th, 1982. 14 pgs. B&W. A4. Xerox copies. Stitched (A4 pages). Print run of 150 (FIM 350; sold till Aug. 29, 1983: 86 issues for FIM 253). PDF

Incl. 5 shorts stories by SidSid Keränen, written one per month. #8/81 (1): Matkalla jonnekin, #9/81 (2): Shakinpelaajat, #10/81 (3): Pitkänpuoleinen matka, #11/81 (4): "Kaksi Ällää", #12/81 (6): Muurahaiset. One single pict by SidSid Keränen. On a cover an excerpt from unfinished (Barsoomish) novel by SidSid Keränen [see history].

FSF2Finnish Science Fiction #2. Oct. 7th, 1982. 14 pgs. B&W. A4. With a great help of Tom Ölander. Xerox copies. Stitched (A4 pages). Print run of 150 (FIM 350; sold till Aug. 29, 1983: 70 issues for FIM 118,50). PDF

Incl. 5 short stories by SidSid Keränen (written one per month). #1/82 (6): Put the Brain Away (reprint from Spin 1/82), #2/82 (7): Ikkuna tuntemattomaan, #5/82 (10): Tapaaminen, #6/82 (11): Kaverukset, #7/82 (12): Pieni Pyylevä Vihreä Mies. Plus one comic story: "Chutes Libres", by André Franquin (transl. SidSid Keränen, as "Vapaa pudostus", and I did not know anything in French...). Cover by Druillet. Mostly illlustrated by André Franquin.

FSF 3Finnish Science Fiction #3. Ready for Xerox Nov. 29th, 1982. Xerox copies. Stitched (A4 pages).
Though issues was never published it was sold till Aug. 29, 1983: 14 issues for FIM 45! Never released.
Biblia Pauperum AdBiblia Pauperum. ["Paupers' Bible", or Bible of poor men.] Nov. 22nd, 1984. 28 pgs. B&W. A4. Slick paper (offset printing!). Stitched. Print run of 300 (FIM 2000; fanzine sold poorly according the high print run – approx. forth —, more than half of the print demolished).
There exists also an unpublished ad PICT.

Biblia PauperumIncl. 7 illustrated Science Fiction short stories, plus one comic story. Illustrators: Antti Vaartimo, Reima Mäkinen, Pekka A. Manninen. Themes: Religion, God.
1. "Once upon a time...", a humorous version of the birth of the Earth. God is old man, but just a kid. (Opening short story.)
2. "Jesse James, a converter" (4 pg comic story. In the middle of the publication.)
3. "...That's the end of the story", a latter part of the opening story. God was interested only fooling around with angels and the Earth was left alone. (Conclusion short story.)
Five other short stories: visiting guest authors.

Tupari KutsuPulsari #1 to #5. [Transl. Pulsar.] #1 (Turku SF Society and SF writer Veikko Rekunen): March 20th, #3 (Helsinki SF Society and SF writer Mika niemi): May 24th, #4 (Finnish SF Writers Society and SF writer Antti oikarinen): May 28th, #5 (me): May 29th, #2 (Ursa SF Club and SF writer Anetta Meriranta): May 30th, 1985. A5. B&W. Xerox copies. Info fanzine. 12 pgs (except #5: 16 pgs). Stitched. Print run of 50, each (FIM 378, together). All covers by Timo Filpus, except #5: Antti Vaartimo. The last issue was reprinted in Aug. 30, 1991 as a Special Housewarming Gift.

Each issue introduces one Finnish Science Fiction society and one Finnish Science Fiction short story (plus the writer). The last issue is a special issue, Pul(t)sari #5 PDF, and it introduces myself. BTW, "pultsari" means "alcoholic". Last issue incl. several picts by SidSid Keränen. PICT
Pul(t)sari #5: "Oidium" A fantasy adventure story with it's reader.

All issues of fanzines above out of print.

Ruuvari 1Comic story scripts

A. "Pals" [in Finnish "Kaverukset"] . June 5th, 1982. Art: Rainer "Rollo" Frilund (5 pg comic story. Short story in Finnish.). Based on SidSid Keränen short story.

Comic story printed in Omatekemä #6 (1983).
The original short story printed in Finnish Science Fiction #2 (1983).

0. "A Bum" [in Finnish "Sosku TKV"]. March 2nd, 1984. Scripts for strip comic (a count of 18. Script in Finnish.). Never drawn, fully critized by the other script maker. Thanks Johanna Sinisalo.

1. "Jesse James, a Converter" [in Finnish "Jesse James, kääntäjä"] . First version Oct. 14th, 1984. Alien Jesus Christ in Wild West gets crucified. Story: SidSid Keränen. Art: Kivi Larmola. (4 pg comic story. Script in Finnish.)

Printed in Biblia Pauperum (1984).

Watcher 12. "Lick, Lick My Stick" [in Finnish "Nuole, nuole tikkuni"] . Burning down the church. Story: SidSid Keränen. Art: Ilpo Koskela. B&W. Attented to Kemi Comics Competition in 1987; was choosen to the 32 best out of 284 works. (8 pg comic story. Script in Finnish.)

Comic story was made for a comic story competition in Kemi (1987).
Printed later in Finnish Ruuvari 1/88 (1988) (see above), by Oulun ylioppilaskunnan sarjakuvaruuvi. B&W.
Translated to English for German Watcher, by Chris Dohr, though Watcher #1 (Oct. 1988) (pin cover bellow) printed it in German. Lettering (and prob. translation as well): Chris Dohr.

3. "Lappland". Scripts for strip comics. Ultimate B&W format; in Lappland there's always dark (black frames) and if you can catch daylight, it's filled with snow because in Lappland is always winter (white frames). Story: SidSid Keränen. Art: Jukka Murtosaari. B&W. Attented to Kemi Comics Competition in 1987. (12 strips. Script in Finnish.)

Comic story was made for a comic story competition in Kemi. Never printed.

4. Work name: "Crime Scene. Case: 4945N/637E" April 4th to 8th, 2006. Story: SidSid Keränen. Abandoned. (6 pg comic story.)

Other scripts (unpublished): "Pieni Pyylevä" ("Small Plumpy"). July 7th, 1984. Unfinished. Based on own short story "Pieni Pyylevä Vihreä Mies" ("Small Plumpy Green Man").

Home made comics (unpublished, script/art by SidSid Keränen): "Ärpäinen" ("Fly"). Dec. 26th to 27th, 1980. Two strips. Main character a fly. | "Pako" ("Escape"). March 12th to 13th, 1981. Three pages. Main character an ant.


By SidSid Keränen, in Finnish:

  1. "Tyhjä kirje" (Christmas, 1985)
  2. "Hulluus" (Feb. 9th, 1986)
  3. "Kylmää terästä" eli runo platooniselle rakkaudelle (July 6th, 1988)
  4. "Disco-pop-poppoo" (May 28th, 1989. Music by Kalle Hurme.)
  5. "Tammenterho" (June 1st, 1989)
  6. "Jo veikkosen henki" (Sept. 16th, 1995)

By SidSid Keränen, in English:

  1. "I Kill the John!" (Sept. 4th to 6th, 1985)
  2. "Fingers" (Sept. 8th, 1985. Music by Alpo Harju.)
  3. "Down on the Bunnyhole" (Sept. 16th, 1985)
  4. "Rocks And Steel, I Act" (Feb. 19th, 1986)
  5. "Entschuldigen Sie! Hast du mit dein Hund in die frische Luft gegangen?" (April 20th, 1988 - lyrics in English, really – name transl. something like, "Excuse me! Are you walking the dog?")

Finnish lyrics translated in English:

  1. "With My Car I" (Dec. 2nd, 1986. Original Finnish lyrics/song by Kalle Hurme)

Finnish lyrics translated in German:

  1. "Onksunkoskaantehnymieli" (By Yari, Se) > "Hasdukeinelustzuliben" (1986)

English lyrics translated in Finnish:

  1. "Jumbo, Go Away" (By Frank Zappa) > "Läski, mene pois" (March 21st, 1985)
  2. "Doreen" (By Frank Zappa) > "Tytsä" (March 18th, 1987)
  3. "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" (By Queen) > "Tuhma Porno Kakka" (July 12th, 1987)
  4. "La bamba" (by Los Lobos) > "Pampalla rumpaa" (1987)
  5. "Prophet's Song" (By Queen) > "Eenokin laulu" (1987)
  6. "Harder Than Your Husband" (By Frank Zappa) > "Rankempi kuin miehes (koska vaan)" (the end of July, 1987)
  7. "Bohemian Rhapsody" (By Queen) > "Pohojanmaan Rapsodi" (Nov. 12th, 14th, 15th, 1987)
  8. "Pigs on the Wings" (By Pink Floyd) > "Siat siivilleen" (#1: April 19th, 1989, #2: Aug. 13th, 1989)
  9. "Take the Skinheads Bowling" (By Camper van Beethoven) > "Viekää skinit saunaan" (March 17th, 2006)
  10. "Fat Bottomed Girls" (By Queen) > "Rintavat naiset" (June 29, 2009) NEW!


One of the directors of ToonMuch:

Digital 2D Animation:

  1. "Gelkin" [YouTube] (Aug.2010. 1-1/2 min. All. An animated ad with story. )
  2. "Kytät" (July 2010. 2 min. All. As a part of group. Sketch.)
  3. "Karpo" (July 2010. 3 min. All. As a part of group. Sketch.)

Hi8 mm Short Movie:

  1. "1 H + K + WC" ["A Room with a Loo"] (1993. 17 min. Co-Author/Co-Director/Co-Editor)
  2. "Kotiinpaluu" ["Homecoming"] (1991. 13 min. Co-Author/Co-Director/Co-Editor)


  1. Professional Television script courses (Tapani Rinne, Vantaa, 2002–2003)
  2. Professional video editing courses (Film studio of Mikko Niskanen, Pihlajakoski, Kuhmoinen, 1993)

Movie Critics:

  1. Suur-Jyväskylän Lehti, Jyväskylä (1995–1999, once a week in a local newspaper)


  1. "Viktor Kärppä – Tappajan näköinen mies" [MTV-3] [Katsomo (views the latest episode of the series)] (Nov. 25, 2009, a photo shooting; Dec. 11, 2009, acting. Actor) (Surname transl. "Stoat") 8 times 42 minutes a Finnish TV series for Channel 3 (Summer 2010/Lauri Nurkse. Red One). Me in Scenes: A blackmailed businessman.
    [ Viktor Kärppä 3of8 (place undefined, see next) ]
    PICT [ Viktor Kärppä 4of8, #1, @ 0h 0m 15s ] 1.07 MB png file
    PICT [ Viktor Kärppä 4of8, #2, @ 0h 18m 15s ] 723 kB png file

    PICT [ Viktor Kärppä 4of8, #3, @ 0h 18m 15s ] 834 kB png file

    PICT [ Viktor Kärppä 4of8, #4, @ 0h 18m 15s ] 715 kB png file
  2. "Vaktmästaren" [EdithFilm] (July 22, 2009. Extra Actor) (Transl. The Caretaker) 42 min. short story (Airin day: Dec. 28, 2010/Jan Forsström. 16mm Film). Me in Scenes: A college of the caretaker (my line, "Britney!").
  3. "Jos rakastat" (July 16, 2009. Extra Actor) (Transl. "If you love") A full feature movie (2010/Neil Hardwick. Red One). Me in Scenes (from 0h 36min 25sec to 47sec): A doctor (!!) in a background checking X-Rays.
    PICT [ Jos rakastat, @ 0h 36m 45s ] 782 kB png file
  4. "Virta" (info) [Teaser, YouTube, KinoTV(2010), Nelonen(2011)] (July 10, 2009. Extra Actor) (Transl. "Current", actually a protagonist's surname) A Finnish TV serial for Channel 4, KinoTV (Six episodes starting from Sept. 16, 2010/J.P. Siili. Red One). Re-aired on Channel 4 itself (2011). Me in Scenes: A doctor (!) father of one of patient in episode 8: Dragon (Re-aired on Channel 4 in 26.5. & 28.5.2011).
  5. "Toinen jalka haudasta" (August 27, 2008. Extra Actor) (Transl. "One Foot Under") A full feature movie (2009/Johanna Vuoksenmaa, 35mm Film). Me in Scenes (from 1h 27min 5sec to 28min 32sec): A relative of a bridegroom in a church wedding. Scene: in the very ending of the movie.
    PICT [ Toinen jalka haudasta, @ 1h 27m 6s ] 782 kB png file
  6. ”Blackout” (July 2 and 3, 2008. Extra Actor) A full feature movie (2008/J.P. Siili. 35mm Film). Me in Scenes: in a background during two scenes and in one which was edited off (all scenes oughty be in the beginning, but were edited somehow in the middle of the story). I was a doctor. :7
    PICT [ Blackout #1, @ 0h 24m 32s ] 716 kB png file
    PICT [ Blackout #2, @ 1h 0m 8s ] 952 kB png file

  7. ”Pekko aikamiespojan poikamiesaika” (Autumn 1993. Lighting Technician/Extra Actor) (Transl. "Pekko, a comedy of a local nutty") A Finnish TV serial and full feature movie (1993/Sina Kujansuu. Video/35mm Film). Me in Scenes: A Lighting Technician in several scenes. Extra Actor in the very ending of the movie.

Video shooting/editing:

  1. "Tunis Dec. 2003 Menu Animation" (around Nov. 2005. Shooting/Editing. I used Sony CCD-TRV15E PAL Video8 mm home camera)
  2. "Me Twins" (Nov. 19, 2005 in the Late Evening. Acting/Shooting/Directing/Editing without script, done in a couple of hours. Camera same as prev.)
  3. "The Birds and the Bees" (around Feb. 2006, Shooting/Editing. Camera same as prev.)
  4. "20 000 Hz" (Live music video for a Finnish indie band 20 000 Hz. I used here Panasonic NV-GS180 PAL MiniDV)

Plus home video shooting and editing (travel videos). Video 8 mm system from 1999 (video editing with two HiFi VHS). MiniDV starting from Summer 2006. Macintosh platform video editing starting from somewhere 2005.

Travels (photos, P; video, V): Istanbul [TUR] (P); London [UK] (P); Vienna [A] (P); Ahvenanmaa [FIN] (VP); Amsterdam [NL] (VP); Austrian Alps (VP); bus trip GER/LUX/B (VP); Canarian Islands [SPA] (VP); Copenhagen [DK] (VP); Creete (VP); Cyprus (VP); Finland (VP); Germany (VP); Greece (VP); Italy (VP); Malta (VP); Nidri [GR] (VP); Portugal (VP); Spain (VP); Stockholm [SWE] (VP); Torremolinos [SPA] (VP); Tunis (VP).

Flash Animation:

  1. "Kymäläinen ja Hämäläinen: Kukka" [FLASH 8] (March 9, 2003. Animation Masters. 3-D animation. My very first 3-D animation. Animator/Artist) NEW!
  2. "Ich weiß nicht" [FLASH 7] (Sept. 14 to 29, 2007. Rock video for a Finnish indie band 20000 hz. Animator/Artist)
  3. Cocco Bill [FLASH 8] (March 24, 2008. Silent short story. Animator/Artist)
  4. Ismo Alanko Teho, "Räkäistä ja tarttuvaa" [ANIMATION | ENTIRE VIDEO] [FLASH 8] (May 9, 2008. Rock video edition plus animation for the band. Animator/Editor) UPDATED!
  5. Photo Slideshow [FLASH 8] (June 3, 2008. Photo shooting plus Flash 8 Actionscript)
  6. Net Poker Effect [FLASH 6] (July 29, 2008) Playing with masks
  7. Flash-banner [FLASH 3] (August 6, 2008)
  8. Video Collection [FLASH 6] (September 1, 2008) Click the back of the video cassette and you can see the front cover
  9. Opening titles for animation [FLASH 8] (October 24, 2008)
  10. Anime Studio Test #1 [FLASH 7] (February 28, 2010) Lip sync test
  11. Anime Studio Test #2: Flash | Movie [FLASH 8] (March 3, 2010) Character design and walk cycle


In Finnish:

  1. "Pelastus" (Sept. 16th, 1979 to March 23rd 1982. Beginning for a novel. 15 pages.) (Transl. "Salvation")
  2. "Rainer ja Sami" (July 26th, 1987. A 5 minute improvisation with a typing machine.) (Transl. "Rainer and Sam")



In Finnish:

  1. "Biblia pauperum tulee taas", interviewed by Kimmo Sundström (Vapaa-ajattelija #1/86, 2 pgs. Freethought Association) (Transl. "Biblia pauperum come back")

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