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Karen Gilbertson

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Karen Gilbertson, a model

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Den and Kath in Gateway

Bruce Jones was talking in the interview in The Warren Companion [TB] (2001), on pgs 179-180, about his collaboration with Mr. Corben in “In Deep”.

He says, “Corben used to take a lot of pictures of me and use me as a model. There was a girl named Karen Gibertson that he also used. At the same time we were working on these stories (“In Deed,” “Time and Time Again”), we were involved in home movie-making [like, “The Dark Planet”], so she was around at the same time. Karen, Corben, and I were spending time together, so she became a natural part of that. She was in several stories; she was in the time-travelling trilogy. So that was her hair and her figure; Corben girls tend to all be buxom but in that case, that was really Karen. She was a dream. She worked up in Macy’s with my wife and we were casting about from a model so Karen said she was interested. I remember I brought her to Corben’s house and his jaw dropped to the ground. It was nirvana; like finding Marilyn Monroe! He used her a lot; she was willing and able, shall we say, to pose in any manner necessary.”


Karen did appear at least in following stories: “Den [I]” (possible also as a single photo reference in other DenSaga stories), “In Deep”, “Within You Without You”, “Time and Time Again”, “Years & Mind Forever”, “Neverwhere”, “Mutant World”, “The Bodyssey”, “Ogre [I]” and “Ogre II”. She might be posing for Horrilor: “Harrowing Heights”, “Horrior at Her Desk”, “Horrior, Eager and Waitin”, and “Horrior’s Fare Well”.

She was in flesh in a film “The Dark Planet”.

She posed for several pictures, like “Den and Kath in Gateway”, “Neverwhere [European]”, “The Worm God”, “Treed by Triceratops”, “In Deep”, “Tiger Girl”, “The Heart of the Sea’s Desire”, “Anthology of Slow Death”, and “Thark Battle”.

“Doomscult” is a foto-comics and it has got two girls, Karen Feeley and Estelle Gunderson. One of them looks pretty close to Karen Gilbertson.

Karen Gilbertson Lays on Her Back
Karen Gilbertson pose on “Thark Battle” (top), “Den [I]”, and “Within You Without You”.
Kath Karen Doomscult
Blonde girl is Karen Gilbertson as Kath in Den [I] (left and above); masked girl is Karen Feeley or Estelle Gunderson in Doomscult.
Kath Karen Doomscult

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