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The Magazine of Fantasy of Science Fiction [MAGAZINE]

Sep. 1967. Edward L. Ferman (editor). Mercury Press, Inc. $0.50. 132 pgs. [ober,isfdb].
Wraparound Cover Art: “Prospecting in the Asteroids” (art1, pgs 4-5)

Make Your Own Comics for Fun and Profit [PUBLICATION]

1976. Richard Cummings. Henry Z. Walck, Inc. New York. [ober].
Pg vi: excerpt from “Trail Comics”
Pgs 43, 98, 107: excerpts from “Rowlf”

Marvel: Five Fabulous Decades of the World’s Greatest Comics [GUIDE]

1991. Les Daniels. H.N. Abrahams, New York. [ober].
Pg 184: Index entry on Richard Corben.

Marvel Poster Magazine

Masterpieces of Fantasy Art [ART] [GER]

1991. Benedikt Taschen Verlag, Berlin GMBH. In German. [ober].
Pg 38: commentary by Eckart Sackmann
Pg 39: “Night On Bald Mountain” (with Rick Courtney) (FiF, pg 155)
Pg 40: reference to Richard Corben in commentary on Vincent Segrelles

Masterpieces of Fantasy Art [ART]

Catalan. [ober].
Prob. similar print in German as,
Meisterwerke der Fantasy-Kunst.
Richard Corben included.

Masters of Comic Book Art [ART]

No Corben cover!

1978. By P.R. Garriock. 128 pgs. Images Graphiques, New York. Color. See also Masters of Comic Book Art (1978). [ober,id].
Exists both tradeback and Hard Bound versions.
Pgs 42-43: Critique
Pg 44: single panel, “Den”
Pg 45: single page, “Going Home”
Pg 46: “To Meet the Faces You Meet”
Pg 47: single panel, “Den”
Pg 48: “Rowlf Picks Up”
Pg 49: single page, “Rowlf”
Pg 50: single panel, “The Beast of Wolfton”
Pg 51: “His Master’s Voice”
Pg 52: “Midnight Battle”
Pg 53: “Odd Comic World…” (mislabeled for “Mutant World”)
Pg 126: bibliography

Masters of the Ninth Art: Bandes Dessinees and Franco-Belgian Identity [GUIDE]

By Matthew Screech. 2005. Liverpool University. 252 pgs. [googlebook].
Pgs 119, 222, 232: Minor text mention.
Cf. The Francophone Bande Dessinie (2005).


Modern Collector’s Review I, 4

Meatloaf: Bat Out of Hell

Meatloaf: Bat Out of Hell (Classic Album)

Meatloaf: Bat Out of Hell, 25th Anniversary Edition

Meatloaf: Hits Out of Hell

Mediascene #16 [GUIDE]

"Bloodstar Montage"

Nov./Dec. 1975. Supergraphics. Wyomissing, PA. [ober,id].
Cover Art: “Bloodstar Montage”
Pgs 8-9: “Bloodstar” (here as “King of the Northern Abyss”) mentioned in “Creating the Graphic Novel” by Phil Seuling. Excerpts of “Bloodstar” cover and seven panels. [net]

Mediascene #40 [GUIDE]

Nov./Dec. 1979. Jim Steranko. Supergraphics. Reading, PA. [ober].
Pg 4: “Pilgor Discusses Politics with His Friends”

Medium Comic: Kunst, Kommerz, Kinderkram? [ART] [GER]

14.10.-22.11.1978. Gallerie im Ideal-House, Berlin. Exhibition Catalogue. In German. [Sebastian].
Pager: “Flying Swordsman”. B&W.
Pg 71 (a half page): a sample form the end of “Bloodstar”. B&W.
Pg 72 (a third page): a sample from the beginning of “Den [I]”. B&W.
Pg 106 (a fourth page): a cover of Bloodstar (1978). B&W.
Pg 128 (a pager): a sample from the end of “Bloodstar”. B&W.

Meisterwerke der Fantasy-Kunst [ART] [GER]

1986. Taco-Verlag. 95 pgs. Color. In German. [ebayde].
Prob. similar print in English as,
Masterpieces of Fantasy Art.
Others: Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Rowena Morrill, Vicente Segrelles, Paul Lehr, Tim White etc.
Richard Corben included.

Mendocino County Comix #1 [COMIC]

Mid-America Con Guide [1972] [GUIDE] UPDATED! 

1972. Kansas City Group Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society. 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. 42 pgs. Heavy stock. Guest of Honor: Philip Jose Farmer. [ebay].
Cover Art: “Samson in Chains”
Back Cover Art: “Pluto and Persephone”

MidAmeriCon Program Book [1976]

MidAmeriCon Program Book [Sept. 2-6, 1976] [GUIDE]

1976. The 34th World Science Fiction Convention, Kansas City. Nickelodeon Graphic Arts Service. $6.00. Print run of 5000 copies. [id].
Pg 59: Article about Short films by Jim Loehr. MidameriCon showed among others Neverwhere [the Movie] (1968) by Richard Corben.
Pg 84: An add for Nickelodeon #1 (1975)

Midnight Shambler #5 [FANZINE]

April 1997. Necronomicon Press, East Warwick RI. Eastertide. $4.50. 40 pgs. A5. [ober,isfdb].
Cover Art: “Midnight Shambler” (logo also redesing by Richard Corben)

Midworld [NOVEL]

Nov. 1975. Alan Dean Foster. Hard Bound. Nelson Doubleday SFBC. $1.98. 179 pgs. [ober,isfdb].
Dustjacket: “Midworld” (FiF, pg 131)

Miller’s Collecting the 1970s [GUIDE]

By Katherine Higgins. May 1st, 2001. Octopus. Hard Bound. [googlebook].
Pg 123: A photo of pict disc with “Bat out of Hell”. Color.

Mimeograph, stapled

The Mirkwood Times #4 [FANZINE]

A photo of Ricard Corben from The Mirkwood Times #4 (1973)

June 1973. Desolation Row Comix Company. Denver, Co. 50¢. Covers: B&W on light brownish paper. Guts: newsprint. [ober,mocba,id].
Cover Art: “Razar Leads His Horse”. B&W.
Pg 10: Fantagor Intro #4: “Luscious Lucius”
Pgs 11-14: Interview, Part 1/2 (with one B&W photo of Richard Corben on pg 11).
Pg 12: “Fat Piety”
Pg 13: “Pterodactyl with Prey” (FiF, pg 44 upper right). An excerpt from Neverwhere the Movie (1968).
Pg 13: “Duel with Ghoul” (here only pict of ghoul). An excerpt from Neverwhere the Movie (1968).
Pg 14: “Space Taxi #2”
Pg 14: “Windblown Nude”

The Mirkwood Times #5 [FANZINE]

July 1973. Desolation Row Comix Company. Denver, Co. B&W. [ober,mocba,id].
Cover Art: “Bug Battle” B&W.
Pgs 4-7: Interview, Part 2/2
Pg 4: “Sortrum “ (early version of later “Gurgy Tate “)
Pg 5: “Rowlf” excerpt
Pg 6: “Fantastic Castle “ (FiF, pg 44 upper left). An excerpt from Neverwhere the Movie (1968).
Pg 7: “Duel with Ghoul”. An excerpt from Neverwhere the Movie (1968).

The Mirkwood Times #6 [FANZINE]

(?) 1973. Desolation Row Comix Co. [ober,mocba].
Pg 7: review of “Fever Dreams”

Mladina #20 [PUBLICATION] [YUG]

May 20, 1987. In Yugoslavian language. [ober].
Cover Art: “Abominable Snowman” (FiF, pg 123, The Best of Fredric Brown (1976))

Modern Collector’s Review I, #4 [GUIDE]

Spring 1971. MCR Enterprices. John J. McLaughlin. B&W. 52 pgs. [id].
Pg 7: “Karate Defense”
Pg 17: “Alien with Human Captives”
Pg 17: Letters from Richard Corben and Jan Strnad.

The Monster Times [FANZINE]

From early 1972 to the mid-1970s. The Monster Times, 11 West 17th Street, New York, N.Y. 10011; Joe Kane, editor (#15). [plogg].
A New York-based tabloid-sized newspaper/fanzine published every two weeks for 50 cents, with a lot of popular comic book writers and artists contributing articles and illustrations. It featured reviews of monster, horror, and science-fiction movies, both old and new. They also ran articles on anything related to the fantastic such as comic books, superheroes, old movie serials, jungle girls, Star Trek, etc. Each issue contained a pull-out poster in the middle, a two-page comic, news of upcoming comic book and science-fiction conventions, ads for fanzines, and reviews of books of interest.

The Monster Times #15 (Sept. 6th, 1972), pgs 1 & 18: ad for H.P.L./ A Tribute to Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Incl. a drawn pict (made according photo of “Finkenstein”). I.e. “The Hound” aka “Finkenstein Throttles Girl”

Morningstar: Venus

The Most Complete Comicography of Richard Corben visiting card [MISC] [FIN]

Print run of 200. Highly rare. [id].
“Kiss and Tit”
Made with an old web site and was never actually used. Majority of the print does not exist anymore.

‘Mount to the Stars #2 [FANZINE]

(?) 1970. HOD PUB. [ober,mocba].
Pg 36: “Fiend with Talons” [FiF, pg 197, Collage #9 (1971), Battle Flag #6 (1978)]

MTG Cardsmith: Ragemoor [PUBLICATION]

Muide 66 [ART]


Band event Aug. 18, 2018 in Voorhavenlaan, 9000 Gent, Belgie. Ticket: 20€. 11 bands: DeeDees, Detrimentals, Garbage Bag,- Goddamn Luckies, Freddy & The Vangrails, Foster Car,- Elvi, On fire, Diane Grace, Speedözer, KDV Deviators. Color. [].
Poster: “Worship” (Bizzare Sex #6 (1977)FiF, pg 22)
Possible pirate print.

Multicon 1970 Convention Program [GUIDE]

The Convention Booklet in Oklahoma City. 5-1/2″x8-1/2″. 12 pgs. B&W. [ober,plogg].
Cover Art: “Speaker Under the Moon”
Incl. also a half-pager pict inside.

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