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You’re a Big Girl Now, versions

“You’re a Big Girl Now” versions

You're a Big Girl Now. Original Art Plate

10[+2] pgs. Story: Bruce Jones. Color(prob. colored by overlays)/Art: Richard Corben (no signature).

Version 1

American, the original versions: The original version is 10 pgs long. Epilogue is on one page. There is no two extra pages and the final frame belongs to the end of the Epilogue page.
Italian print equals with English version. There’s an extra tittle page in the beginning.

Pay attention on the final frame’s right end and position of space ship and it’s speech bubble.

Page 10

Version 2

Danish version: In Danish version there is 11 pgs. The beginning of the story is as in the original version, except epilogue’s final frame is on last page on it’s own, vertically, and there’s on pg 10 two extra frames taken from the prologue (see French version, version 3).

Page 10. Two first frames are taken from prologue and mirrored.
Page 11. Pay attention on the speech bubble.

Version 3

French version: In French version there is up to 12 pgs. Again, the beginning of the story is as in the original version, except epilogue is on three pages. The final frame is spread on two last pages by itself. There is two extra frames in the beginning of pg 10; those are mirrored and stolen from the prologue.

Page 10 is the same as in version 2 (Danish version). The last frame is extended as a spread in the end. During extending quite much of art work from the right of the frame has been cut off.

Page 10
Page 11
Page 12

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