Death in the Dark Board Game

Death in the Dark Board Game

  • Front Cover

1998. Fantasy miniature game. RAFM, product code #4500. $69.95. Incl. poster. [lopez]Box and Poster Cover Art: “Subterranean Nazi Dwarves”

Based on the Universal Soldier Miniatures Rules, Death in the Dark (RAFM 1998) is a miniatures game featuring an underground battle between Dwarven Prospectors and Vanir (elf) Raiders. Two players maneuver their miniatures through a 3D landscape in search of treasure.

The game includes:

6 Dwarven Bummertruppen with heavy Weapons
1 Dwarven Sergeant
1 Vanir Sorceress
2 Vanir Warriors
1 Large Spider (Assembly required)
2 Medium Spiders
10 Small Spiderlings
Full Color Counters
3d Dungeon terrain
160-page rulebook

6 Dice
36 Metal Door Stands
11 Plastic bases for the dwarves and Vanir

  • RAFM page about the game

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