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Famous Monsters of Filmland

Famous Monsters of Filmland 

Warren. 1958–1983. 191 main issues, 10 yearbooks, 3 special issues, 2 convention books, and one Star Wars spectacular book. Back to Books with F.

 Famous Monsters of Filmland #34 

Aug. 1965. Warren. [id]Pgs 30-32, 35-36: Madonna Marchant’s (later Mrs. Corben) movieSiegfried Saves Metropolis (1965), wins first prize.

Famous Monsters of Filmland #35 

Oct. 1965. Warren. [id]Pgs 14-19: More about movieSiegfried Saves Metropolis (1965), of Madonna Marchant, now Mrs. Corben, wife of cameraman.
“Rex the Robot” (photo of buid-up robot model)
Untitled (a monstrous face pict) 
The first known ever published Richard Corben pict, see .

Famous Monsters of Filmland #47 

Nov. 1967. Warren. [ecm]Pg 64: Fang Mail: “London After Midnight”

London After Midnight

Famous Monsters of Filmland #55 

May 1969. Warren. [id]Pg 52: Fang Mail. Photo of young Richard Corben made up as Frankenstein, “The Corben Creature: Richard the (Electric) Line-Hearted)”.

Famous Monsters of Filmland #251 


July 2010. IDW. [widw] 

Famous Monsters of Filmland #257 


Aug. 31, 2011. IDW. [widw] 

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