Siegfried Saves Metropolis

“Siegfried Saves Metropolis”


Year: 1967. Style: 8 mm animation and live action. Length: Unknown. Genre: Fantasy. Extra: Based on “Metropolis” movie photos (done before they saw the actual movie). Crew: Madonna Marchant (later Dona Corben), idea; Richard Corben, camera, animation. Picts/Source: In Famous Monsters of Filmland #34 (1965) and #35 (1965).

No foreign print exist.

In 1965 Famous Monsters of Filmland run a $1.000 Contentest for Amateur Monster Movie Makers (for 8mm & 16mm films). #1 price: The Sony DeLuxe Portable Miniature Television Set, #2: The Automatic DeLuxe 8mm Motion Picture Cameras, #3: The Polaroid Land Cameras (Color!), and lucky ten: Honorable Mention and free subscriptions to Famous Monsters till their 21th Birthdays.

In the issue #34 (1965) they pronounce the winners. “Siegfried” won several prizes: Madonna Marchant (#1 prize), Paul Davids, James Boyle, Pat Miller and Steve Pearlston (Hon. Mention).

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