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From the Pit

“From the Pit”

From the Pit, Part 2

20+20+ pgs (to be continued, though never did… until 15 years past). Appeared first time [COLOR] in From the Pit #1 (1994). Sceduled to be seven issue long serial (first two issues, 40 pgs, were drawn to be ready, but only the first issue printed… until 2009). Second part [B&W] in Odds and Ends (2009).
Story/Art: Richard Corben (printed sign © 1994 Richard Corben). Color: Beth Croben (part 1). Lettering: printed.

Unfinished story!

Style: CG color. Genre: Fantasy. Time Span: No partuclar moment of time. Nudity: Half-naked big girl.
Keywords: Earth break. Monster. Cave. Subterrain research. Accident.
Synopsis, #1: Earth breaks in two. Monster terrors in local village forest. Mark Grey’s group starts the research of opened cave.
Synopsis, #2: Deputy Morley meets someone (un)familiar. Mark and Greg descend deep into the Earth for professor Jensen. They are confronted by something nasty beyond human understanding.
Synopsis for the rest of the story (at the end of part #2): At this point you might expect a “to be continued” caption. But it is highly unlikely that there will ever be another chapter of this story produced. I would just like to assure you that the story would have led the characters through several harrowing adventures and finally ending with all conflicts resolved.
Comment: Corben’s own story is based on a screenplay, he wrote several years ago, called “Amazones Below”. This version of story has too much talking, and color artwork is done by Beth Corben. Story stays open, because Corben stops to make comics under Fantagor; From the Pit was Corben’s last self-publishing and was never completed.
Extra: The story’s got a surprising second chapter 15 years later in B&W. The second chapter was made or based on the original 40 page story which was done in 1994. The real action in the story takes a bit too long and lacks the intrest on the story. Fortunately the end of second chapter is imagine and ingenious fantasy story with brilliant art work and single panels. Cave scenery is stunning.

From the Pit, Part 1, 20 pgs
From the Pit, Part 2, 20 pgs

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