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8 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Heavy Metal #136 (1992).
Story/Color/Art: Richard Corben (printed sign as © Richard Corben 1991). Lettering: printed (Corben).

Italy [ITA]: as “Il Planetoide” in L’Eternauta #136.
Spain [SPA]: as “Planetoide” in Comix Internacional [SPA] #1.

Style: Full color. Genre: SF. Time Span: Future. Nudity: Full frontal girl and well hung man.
Keywords: Planetoid. Crystals. Spider. Fight. Sand. Landmark. Humanoids. Possessed by. Sinking. Recover.
Synopsis: Spaceship notices a planetoid full of valuable Simorian crystals. The life scanner ends up with an error. On surface rescue party meets gigantic spider out of sand. They point out also gigantic landmark and there two humanoids. Fight is short, but crystal they find has no value, because everything starts to sink into sand.
Comment: Corben’s own story is mainly constracted to show his new colorful computer generated sand scenery. Figures are now perfect and monsters and landscapes works fine. Mr. Corben starts to learn how to handle new, CG tool. Even naked bodies are perfect. Only interesting story is missing.

Planetoid, 8 pgs

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