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Swamp Thing: Missing Links

Swamp Thing: “Missing Links”

Swamp Thing: Missing Links. Original Art Plate

22+22 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Swamp Thing #7 to #8 (2004).
Story: Will Pfeifer. Art: Richard Corben (no signature, @ 2002). Colors: Martin Breccia. Lettering printed: Phill Balsman.

Spain [SPA]: as Swamp Thing [SPA]: “Eslabones perdidos, Parte 1”, and “Eslabones perdidos, Conclusión”, [COLOR] in Grande autores de Vertigo: Richard Corben (2015).

Style: Color with black line. Genre: Superhero. Time Span: Present. Nudity: None.
Technique: Sharpies on Strathmore paper, size 11″ x 17″.
Keywords: Exotic hunting. Extra ordinary. Swamp. Freaks. Another dimention. Relatives. Snow.
Original Art Plate: 27,6 x 43 cm [Source: Angoulême, 2019].
Synopsis: A scientist and a disrespecting billionair hunter hunt down one of the rerest creture, Swamp Thing. Both confront it with different result. There is also a mysterious old man after eleventh element.
Comment: Without knowing the very past of Swamp Thing I cannot say how much this story is linked to older stories. As a separate story, it is nothing special. There is many characters and they do not build up anything concret. The story is a search of missing link, but it does not create any deeper meaning for it; they search it, find it, but the conclusion does not change anything. Not even character development. Just some bizarre loose ends without connetion to the main plot. Mr. Corben’s art is it’s best in the swampy jungle, and the main character. He creates with some branches, leaves and roundy underbrush an interesting environment for the story (compare the roundy snow on yeti in the very beginning!). The deformed humanoids remind Berni Wrightson’s Freak Show.

Swamp Thing: Missing Links, Part 1, 22 pgs
Swamp Thing: Missing Links, Part 2, 22 pgs

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