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Funny World

Funny World

Funny World #14

Spring 1972 (also credited as 1971). Arkansas, Mike Barrier. Print run under 2000. 48 pgs. $1.25. [ober,rip3,mocba,plogg,toonhub]

Pgs 20 (“All In Color For Seventy-Five Cents”, By Mark Estren), 46 (“Letters To Mike Barrier: An Underground Colloquy”): Review of Up from the Deep (1971), by Mark James Estren. He concentrates mostly on Richard Corben, and specifically about his use of color.

“Going Home [VERS.1]” [SYNOPSIS].
8 pgs: pgs 21-28. s/a/c-Richard Corben. Color. Reprinted in color in The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben (1978) and in B&W in Rip in Time #2 (1986).

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