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The other Interviews with José Villarrubia

The other Interviews with José Villarrubia in the Internet

At the moment there is a lot of interviews with José Villarrubia in the Internet. He’s a hot potatoe in comics field. Here’s the main ones:

Back to the main Interview (Part 1 | Part 2), by SidSid Keränen (mid-Aug. 2004).

Ultrazine, by Smoky Man (April/May 2000). The main Villarrubia Interview. There is a short biography, some excerpts from “Veils” and “Promethea”. They discuss about comics, digital painting, “Veils”, Richard Corben, Jae Lee, B&W art, Alan Moore.

Mr. Charlie Opens the Door, for The Comic Book Pin (April 20th, 2004). They discuss about “The Mirror of Love”, “Hellshock”, making color works, comics as a fine art, and Kelly Link comics.

PopImage (not dated). “We asked 16 of the top gay creators in the comic industry their thoughts, and here’s what they had to say.”

And the web sites of his brother, Alvaro Villarrubia.

(Links updated, broken ones erased February 16, 2013.)

P.S. There’s been many other links added since 2004.

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