Influenced By

Influenced By

The following artists have influenced by the art of Richard Corben. Links checked in January 17, 2012.

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Simon Bisley, comic artist, illustrator (among others “Slaine”, “Lobo”, “Judge Dredd”, and for Heavy Metal).
“There’s [Frank Frazetta,] Mike McMahon, Kevin O’Neill, jeeze, Bill Sienkiwicz, Corben.” [Mr. Bisley counts his favourites in an Interview on Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Artist (page 5/5)] Mr. Bisley even used Den as a side character in “Slaine”!
BTW, The supporting dwarf of Slaine is called “Ukko”, which is pure Finnish word. It means “old man” (though the name is from the author – I do not know if he’s aware of the connection or is it just coinsident)!

Gerald Brom, an American illustrator. Born 1965.
“I thrived on Richard Corben when I was growing up.” [Interview on web site BromArt]

John Cebollero [The Official Web Site], an American illustrator, comic artist and sculptor (color and art in Forbidden Zone #1 (1999), colorist for “M-80”, and co-colorist for “Angel of Andromeda”. All for Galaxy). Born 1965.
“I became aware of Richard Corben‘s work at a very critical point in my development as an artist. Unlike many other artist of his time, his work comes from a very personal place. He is simply amazing.”

Jouko Nuora, a Finnish comic artist and illustrator (“Nani”). Born 1963.
“I still like Richard Corben… liked already in 80’s and prob. there is influence of his work in mine (at least in busted ones, LMAO). “ [A private message. Jouko Nuora web site]

Rafa Garres, a Catalan illustrator and comic artist (among others for DC Comics, “Slaine”, “Jaguar God”, and “Lobo”).
“You will see his influence hide on many of my work.” [A private message. Rafa Garres web site]

John Higgins, a British illustrator and comic artst.
“My initial major influences were Richard Corben, Frank Frazetta, and Neil Adams.” [AD Review – John Higgins Interview (page 1/3)]

Salvador Larrocca, a Spanish comic artist (among others for Marvel). Born 1964.
“Lots of [artists have influenced my work], too many to remember them now, but the first one was Richard Corben and Juan Gimenez (Heavy Metal). I started on the comics due [to] their influence.”

Gaetano (Tanino) Liberatore, an Italian illustrator and comic artist (the creator of “Rank Xerox”). Born 1953.
“– Corben the Great. — I first discovered — Den. I don’t know how much time I spent looking at each frame”, quotes in his introduction for Richard Corben‘s Werewolf (1984). [See also fan web site, incl. Richard Corben introduction for Ranxerox in New York].

Mike Mignola, a comic artist
I’ve loved his work since I was very young. [See 5 Questions With…Mike Mignola – dead link:]

Bryan Talbot, a British comic artist
Comix: the Underground Revolution (2004) mentions his 1978 opening story for character Luther Arkwright, “Papist Affair” (from Near Myths) to be “a seven-page Moorcock á la Corben-style strip”.

José Villarrubia, a Spanish digital artist, photographer and computercolorist (studied in 90s in Baltimore, and several works for Alan Moore)
He says in his Slush Factory Entertainment Interview, by Zack Smith (dated 23rd April 2003), two times, how Richard Corben was his all time favourite artist, a hero. [Colorist for Max Comics: Cage, and The Punisher (cover art) for Marvel.] [See also An Interview with José Villarrubia]

Will Eisner [The Official Web Site], an American comic artist, the creator of The Spirit.
Corben‘s work is singular in it’s humanity. He works with towering technical skill… And the wonderous thing of it all is that underneath all that technical tour-de-force is the sound of a beating heart”.

Robert Crumb [The Official Web Site], an American comic artist (U-comics, picts)
Corben‘s stuff was great. He put stuff into his comix that the overground press wouldn’t print” [Conversations]

Frank Miller, an American comic artist
“I feel like I was particularly impresed by Richard Corben‘s work. But in general I would not say the underground made that big of an impression except for Corben… His science-ficiton stories, those almost primitive black and white comics he did back then. I was very struck by the visceral punch they had, by the unusual artistic point of view. And also by the unabashed exaggeration. It’s as if you wanted a woman to have big breast, you drew it. There was something just so joyously excessive and erotic about jso stuff, that I jsut ate it up.”

Gillermo del Toro, a Spanish movie maker
“The artist I most want to aspire to is Richard Corben. His style is visual and it tells the story just as you see it… …my favorite is Corben. I love everything he does, I love his stuf …he’s an amazing artist.”

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