Photographic Corben

Photographic Corben

Richard Corben does not like to be photographed. But then again for the publicity he have to be. Here is a short history of photos taken of him. They try to be in chronological order.

The animator Richard Corben at Calvin’s, around 60’s.
1969 World Con, St. Louis: Caz (left), unknown guy, Donna & Richard Corben, Vaughn Bodé, and Jeff Jones (photo sent by Patrick King Hill)
Richard Corben photographed by Stan Vince
Richard Corben clays photographed by Stan Vince

Stan Vince in Richard Corben Facebook group (31.12.2015): Richard Corben in his studio in Kansas City, circa 1989, with his legendary sculptures. Not published, except maybe in an old and obscure French fanzine of the time… I took these pictures when I finally met M. Corben after years following his work…

In the second photo you can point out Madeleine and Roderick Usher head sculptures from “The Fall of the House of User” (1984).

The Mirkwood Times #4 (1973), an interview. Reprinted in [ITA] Collana Umanoidi #6: Il mondo straordinario di Richard Corben (1982).

In video, The Dark Planet (1989) you cannot recognize him since he’s wearing a mask all the time. He is in a character. The date of the video unknown although way before 1989.

Flights into Fantasy (1981), pg 199

In a photo printed in Fershid Bharucha’s Flights into Fantasy (1981), pg 199, he is working on “Den II”, pg 16. The page he’s got in front of him is actually one of the color overlay sheets, prob. yellow. Photo has been taken during Bharucha’s visit at Corben studios, around 1980/1981.

Richard Corben at his home studio with a foam rubber puppet head made for some unknown movie project.
Jan Strnad and Richard Corben. It looks like there is page 19 (“Den II”) laying next to the desk.
Richard Corben with Bodyssey poster on a wall.

Two photos taken in 1980/1981. Printed in Mutant World/Son of Mutant World (2019).

Richard Corben working on “Den II” pages. On a desk “Mutant World”, pg 45, and posters on a wall
The blurred page on the drawing table is page 45 from “Mutant World”. On right posters with the printed version of “Snow Creature” (only a sketch on a wall).

French Delirium BD launched in April 2020 in KissKissBangBang a kickstarter kind of project to collect funds for printing the limited Murky World collected book sets. There was an old B&W photo of Richard Corben next his drawing desk. You can see on a wall posters, like “Neverwhere [European]” (the cover for European “Den [I]”, 1978), “Bat out of Hell” (1981), “Phantom of the Paradise” (movie poster 1986), and a sketch for “The Snow Creature” (1981). On a drawing table you can see two pages from “Den II”, 1981, pg 8 and 20, and one blurred page from “Mutant World”, pg 45. Photo must be taken 1980/1981.

Der Dämon im Cockpit GER, pg 2

In a photo printed in German Der Dämon im Cockpit (1985), pg 2, he was working on with the negative film of the title page of Jeremy Brood, Part 1: Relativity (Nov. 1982). Photo must have been taken around 1981/1982.

Der Dämon im Cockpit GER, pg 46

In the other photo printed in German Der Dämon im Cockpit (1985), pg 46, he is again in his studio and he’s working on the cover of Jeremy Brood, Part 1: Relativity (Nov. 1982). Photo must have been taken around 1981/1982.

The color illustration at his left, on the table, can be a color sketch, but it can also be a home made color key acetate check, like in a case of “Raven”).

In Infinity #5 he said, quote, “I’ve been getting some of my color ideas done with separtations, which is a more intellectual thing because you never see the color until it’s printed. Well, that’s not quite true. I check myself with acetate color keys before I send it to printed.”

Den Dämon im Cockpit (1985) GER, pg 47

In the thrid photo printed in German Der Dämon im Cockpit (1985), pg 47, he is standing outside. Photo must have been taken around 1981/1982. All three photos must be taken same time. They can be photograped by Josep Toutain or perhaps Donna Corben. There is no certainty who was behind the camera.

Richard Corben and Josep Toutain in front of Corben’s house, Kansas City, USA around 80’s.
La más reciente foto de dos viejos amigos: el Corben y el Toutain (Aunque el uno más calvo y el otro más canoso…) / The most recent photo of two old friends: Corben and Toutain (Although one balder and the other more gray…) [from Zona 84 #73, June 1990]

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