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Hellboy [FRA]: 13. Au Mexique

Translated Corben in France

(in French)

Hellboy [FRA]: 13. Au Mexique

May 2016. Delcourt. 140 pgs. With sketchbook. [webzenet]

Hellboy [FRA]: “Hellboy au Mexique”
Original: “Hellboy: Hellboy in Mexico (Or, a Drunken Blur)”
28 pgs. s-Mike Mignola. a/r[Hellboy #46: Hellboy in Mexico (2010)]-Richard Corben. c-Dave Stewart. l-Clem Robins.

Hellboy [FRA]: “La Maison aux morts-vivants”
Original: “Hellboy: House of the Living Dead”
49 pgs. s-Mike Mignola. a-Richard Corben. c-Dave Stewart. l-Clem Robins. Reprinted in Hellboy in Mexico [TB] (2016), and Hellboy: The Complete Short Stories Vol. 1 [TB] (2018).

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