As Though They Were Living!

“As Though They Were Living!”

As Though They Were Living!

8 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Vampirella #30 (1974). Reprinted [B&W] in Vampirella [GB] #1 (1975), [COLOR] in Comix International #1 (1975), [COLOR] in Heavy Metal Special: The Best of Richard Corben from Creepy and Eerie! (1998) [VERS.3], and [COLOR] in Vampirella Archieves #5 (2012).
Story: Gerry Boudreau. Color(prob. colored by Corben’s overlays)/Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettered by hand (Warren).

Denmark [DK]: as “Sidhe dræb dem alle” in Vampirella [DK] #1 (1974), as “Som havde de deres eget liv” in Historier om hekse og varulve (1985).
Finland [FIN]: as “Pahan käskyläinen” in Vampirella [FIN] #1 (1/74).
France [FRA]: as “Le démon sous la peau!” in Vampirella [FRA] #13 (1974) and Profondeurs (1978).
Germany [GER]: as “Die Rache des Dämons” in Vampir-Comic #1 (1974), as “Als wären sie lebendig” in Die Aussergewöhnliche Welt des Richard Corben, Vol. 2 (1980).
Italy [ITA]: as “La notte dei demoni” in Collana Umanoidi #9 (1983).
The Netherlands [NL]: as “Alleen op de wereld” in Richard Corben #2 [NL]: Diepten (1981), and as “Bevel is bevel!” in Weerwolf (1985).
Spain [SPA]: as “Brujería” [B&W] (!) in Delta #11, and [B&W] (!) in Rufus #9 (1974) [VERS.2], and as “La noche de los demonios” in El extraordinario mundo de Richard Corben #2 (1981).
Sweden [SWE]: as “Nästan levande” in Epic #29 (1986), and as “Ur dunkla djup” in Vampirella [SWE] 1/74.

Style: Color by overlay techinque. Genre: Horror. Time Span: Ancient time. Nudity: Voluptuous girl.
Keywords: Selfish love. Demonic exorcist. Witch hunt. Vampi.
Synopsis: Village’s ladies’ man does not even glance on a selfish girl. Girl desides exorcist a demonic monster for revenge to man and his fresh fiance.
Comment: Brilliant color artwork, specially two pages when demonic monsterman meets fresh fiance. Interesting story by Gerry Boudreau.
Alternatives, [VERS.2]: Only existing censored version in Spanish Rufus: Female breasts.
Alternatives, [VERS.3]: Poorly scanned from magazine.

Vampi #29 pg 20
Vampi #29 pg 29

The heads of Vampirella: Heads (on pgs 3 and 8) are the same ones you can find from other Vampirella stories (the first one in for example Vampirella #29 pg 20, the beginning of “The Evil Eye”, and the latter one in Vampirella #29 pg 29, the beginning of “Stairway to Heaven!”). That might means that the story was not meant originally for Vampirella.
Extra: The Vampire Archieve version was restored by José Villarrubia.
Humour: On Vampire Archieve (on fifth page of the story, i.e. pg 93 of the book) the first word ballon had forgotten to reletter (there is a Spanish text instead). It means that José Villarrubia used among others a Spanish version of the story for the basics for his restoring work for that page of that story.

As Though They Were Living!, 8 pgs

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