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Extraordinario mundo [SPA]

Translated Corben in Spain

In Spanish.

El extra ordinario mundo de Richard Corben: | #1 | #2 |

Thanks to Rafael Alarcón Sierra for his contribution of info for this page.

El extraordinario mundo de Richard Corben

Toutain Editor. [sierra]

El extraordinario mundo de Richard Corben [#1]

1st: 1977. 2nd: 1981. 80 pgs. Coordinador de la edición: Josep Llastarry. Maquetación: Josep Toutain & Josep Llastarry. Translator: Josep Toutain. Lettering: J. Martí Ripoll, Alberto Egea & Antonio Vall. [id]Similar print as, The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben (1977).

“The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben”
Cover Art r[The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben (1977)]-Richard Corben. Color.

Pg 1: Contents.
Pgs 3-6: Prolog by Will Eisner.

“Horrilor Intro #2 [SPA]”
Original story: Horrilor Intro #2: “Horrilor, Eager and Waitin”
1 pg: pg 7. s/a/r[Grim Wit #2 (1973)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

“El dueño de las sombras”
Original story: “The Dweller in the Dark”
11 pgs: pgs 8-18. s-Herb Arnold, a/r[Hot Stuf’ #3 (1976)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

“Horrilor Intro #1 [SPA]”
Original story: Horrilor Intro #1: “Harrowing Heights”
1 pg: pg 19. s/a/r[Grim Wit #1 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

“Razar el antihéroe”
Original story: “Razar the Unhero”
8 pgs: pgs 20-27. s-Starr Armitage. a/r[Fantagor #1 (1970)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

“Mangle, aniquilador de robots”
Original story: “Mangle, Robot Mangler”
6 pgs: pgs 28-33. s/a/r[Slow Death #4 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

“Cuidado con el mundo real, Howie”
Original story: “How Howie Made It in the Real World”
8 pgs: pgs 34-41. s/a/r[Slow Death #2 (1970)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

“Un demonio sentimental”
Original story: “For the Love of Daemon”
7 pgs: pgs 42-48. s/a/c/r[Fantagor #4(1972)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“La dama y el dragón”
Original story: “Damsel in Dragon Dress”
8 pgs: pgs 49-54. s-Doug Moench. a/c/r[Grim Wit #2 (1973)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“Cidopey [SPA]”
Original story: “Cidopey”
8 pgs: pgs 55-62. s/a/c/r[Up from the Deep #1 (1971)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“Absurdo espacial”
Original story: “Space Jacked”
10 pgs: pgs 63-72. s/a/c/r[Fantagor #4 (1972)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“Retorno al hogar”
Original story: “Going Home”
8 pgs: pgs 73-80. s/a/c/r[Funny World #14 (1972)]-Richard Corben. Color.

El extraordinario mundo de Richard Corben #2

1981. 104 pgs. Translators: Manel Domínguez Navarro & E. Abulí. Lettering: Luis Andrés. Diseño gráfico: J. Martí Ripoll & Joseph Llastarry. Montajes: Josep Llastarry. Coordinador de la edición: Manel Domínguez Navarro. Coordinador del proceso gráfico: Josep Llastarry.
Similar print in the Netherlands, Richard Corben [NL] #2: Diepten (1981). Differs in pg 48 (?).

“In Deep”
Cover Art-Richard Corben. Color.
“Treed by Triceratops”
Back Cover Art [Eerie #77 (1976)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“Melton’s Big Game”
1 pict: pg 1. a-Richard Corben. B&W.
Opening frame as a separate pict. No indies, but added on black part bellow the writing, “© 1973 Richard Corben”.
“Silly Frog” aka “Funky Frog” aka “Your Pad or Mine?”
1 pict: pg 2. a-Richard Corben. B&W.
“A Gothic Tale”
1 pict: pg 6. a-Richard Corben. B&W.

Pg 3: Summario
Pg 4: Photo of Richard Corben. B&W.
Pgs 5-7: Introductions by Bruce Jones. Adapt. Manel Domínguez Navarro.

“Indeep (Profundo)”
Original story: “In Deep [Part 1]”
10 pgs: pgs 8-17. s-Bruce Jones. a/c/r[Creepy #83 (1976)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“Dentro y fuera de tí”, Part 1(3)
Original story: “Within You… Without You”
Pgs 18-27. s-Bruce Jones. a/r[Eerie #77 (1976)]-Richard Corben. B&W.
“Vuelta a empezar”
, Part 2(3)
Original story: “Time and Time Again”
Pgs 28-37. s-Bruce Jones. a/r[Eerie #79 (1976)]-Richard Corben. B&W.
“Por siempre jamás [VERS.2]
, Part 3(3)
Original story: “Years & Mind Forever”
Pgs 38-47. s-Bruce Jones. a/r[Eerie #87 (1977)]-Richard Corben. B&W.
Nudity overdrawn.

“Fantagor Intro #3 [SPA]”
Original story: Fantagor Intro #3: “Me and UK Fishing”
Pgs 48. s/a/r[Fantagor #3 (1972)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

Niño, Part 1(3): “Niño”
Original story: “Child”
Pgs 49-56. s-Greg Potter. a/c/r[Eerie #57 (1974)]-Richard Corben. Color.
Niño, Part 2(3): “Niño / ¡Cuidado con la chusma!”
Original story: “Child: Mind of the Mass!”
Pgs 57-65. s-Doug Moench. a/c/r[Eerie #58 (1974)]-Richard Corben. Color.
Niño, Part 3(3): “Niño / Cristal corrosivo”
Original story: “Child: Childhood’s End”
Pgs 66-72. s-Doug Moench. a/c/r[Eerie #70 (1974)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“El ruido de unos zapatos de tacón alto”
Original story: “The Low Spark of High Heeled Noise!”
Pgs 73-81. s-Doug Moench. a/c/r[Creepy #57 (1973)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“Héroe por dentro”
Original story: “The Hero Within”
Pgs 82-88. s-Steve Skeates. a/c/r[Creepy #60 (1974)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“El creyente”
Original story: “The Believer”
Pgs 89-96. s-Budd Lewis. a/r[Creepy #77 (1976)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“La noche de los demonios”
Original story: “As Though They Were Living!”
Pgs 97-104. s-Gerry Boudreau, a/c/r[Vampirella #30 (1974)]-Richard Corben. Color.

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