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The Seed from the Sepulcher

“The Seed from the Sepulcher”

The Seed from the Sepulcher

10 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in DenSaga #1 (1992). Reprinted [COLOR] in Heavy Metal #181 (1999).
Story: Clark Ashton Smith. Color: Stan Dresser. Adapt/Art: Richard Corben (printed sign © 1992 Richard Corben). Lettering: printed (Corben).

Italy [ITA]: as “Il seme del Sepolcro” in L’Eternauta #132 (1994).
Spain [SPA]: as “Simiente de sepulcro” in Comix Internacional [SPA] #2.

Style: Black line with shades, scanned and printed with dithering, colored afterwards on dithered version maybe with markers and liquid dyes. Genre: SF/Horror. Time Span: Present day. Nudity: Voluptuous protagonist in T-shirt without bra and in provocative positions.
Keywords: Jungle. Treasure. Fever. Pit. Human bones. Seeds. Parasites.
Original Art Plate: 27,7 x 40,5 cm [Source: Angoulême, 2019].
Story Origin: Clark Ashton Smith short story, “The Seed from the Sepulchre”.
Synopsis: A couple is interested treasures of jungle. Guy finds only a pit full of plants and human bones.
Comment: Clark Ashton Smith’s story is brilliant. Corben’s artwork is B&W, because all gray scales he printed as dither computergraphic. Brilliant. All pages are named as “Seed 1”, “Seed 2” etc. (in Heavy Metal there is no page names). There is no nudity, but the girl is shown extra voluptuous all the way. No complain of Stan Dresser’s colors.
Adaptation: During adaptation Mr. Corben swap the sex of the protoganist. In the original short story named characters were James Falmer and Roderick Thone. In Corben’s adaptation Roderick became Rhonda Thone, and what a Rhonda! She’s sunbathing and laying provocatively. Otherwise the story is the same. Some details Mr. Corben reorganize for the sake of adaptaiton. Though the text in the beginning Mr. Corben added some of his own. There was no mention of exploiting the prestine jungle by lumber corporations or farmer barons in the short story written by Clark Ashton Smith published for the first time in 1933.

The Seed from the Sepulcher, 10 pgs

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