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IMDb: A man observes a mysterious glass box, South Dakota police discover a hideous crime and Hawk receives a cryptic message about Special Agent Dale Cooper. 

Black Lodge

  • 0:00:17 Black Lodge
    • Special Agent Dale Cooper
    • Laura Palmer (subs): “Hello, Agent Cooper. I’ll see you again in 25 years. Meanwhile.”

Twin Peaks Forest

  • 0:01:10 Twin Peaks Forest. Packard Saw. Empty High school corridor. Girl running outside the school, holding head and screaming. High school trophy glass cabinet with a photo of Laura Palmer. Zoom on Laura’s picture.

Opening Credits

  • 0:02:10 Twin Peaks logo, theme song and opening credits.
    • Edited by Duwayne Dunham

B&W Scene with The Giant and Dale Cooper

  • 0:03:40 B&W scene
    • The Giant (subs): “Agent Cooper. Listen to the sounds.” (Old gramophone with cricket kind of sound effect) “It is in our house now.”
    • Special Agent Dale Cooper: “It is…”
    • Giant (subs): “It all cannot be said aloud now. Remember 430. Richard and Linda. Two birds with one stone.”
    • Special Agent Dale Cooer: “I understand.”
    • Giant (subs): “You are far away.” (Agent Cooper disappear from his seat.)

At Doctor Jacoby’s

  • 0:06:08 Twin Peaks at Doctor Jacoby’s: Delivery truck brings boxes for Jacoby

New York City

  • 0:08:26 Areal view of the skyscrapers: Text: New York City
    • Zoom to one of the very high buildings
    • Cut inside to the empty warehouse room dominated by the glass box which is surrounded with spotlights and cameras. There is a round opening from the box through the wall to the city view
    • Sam Golby is guarding the glass box
    • Sam changes a memory card of camera 3
  • 0:12:20 The outside guard announcement: Delivery here
    • Sam exits the warehouse room
    • Outside warehouse room: The outside guard sits behind his desk. Tracey waits with two cups of coffee. She wants to join a boy but it is not allowed.
    • Sam ticks the secret code the door and Tracey tries to cheat to see it. Sam says: “You’re a bad girl, Tracey.”
    • Tracey: “Try me.”
    • Sam goes back to the warehouse room and Tracey leaves

The Great Northern Hotel

  • 0:15:38 Great Northern Hotel. Benjamin Horn’s office
    • Hotel Manager Bejamin Horn and his new assistant Beverly Paige talk about skunk
    • Jerry Horn enter, Beverly leaves the room.
    • Jerry Horn: “Suck it to me, suck it to me, suck it to me.”
    • Jerry talks about the drug in his sandwich. Apparently it is his sell product.
    • Ben Horn: “Is that mother’s hat?” (The end of the scene.)

Twin Peaks, Sheriff’s Department

  • 0:18:21 Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department
    • Lucy Brennan behind the desk meets a sharp dressed man who wants to see Sheriff Truman. Lucy asks which one because there is two Sheriff Trumans, the one from older seasons (Harry S. Truman) and the new one, his brother (Frank Truman) who’s running the Sheriff’s Office at the moment of Season 3

The Backwood Cabin

  • 0:19:33 Car driving the dark road in woods
  • 0:20:19 The car arrives the destination. Mr. C (aka Bad Cooper) leaves the car and enters a cabin. A man faces him with a shotgun but Mr. C puts him down easily. Mr. C enters inside the room where Otis, a boy, and a man on a wheelchair (Silent Cabin Man #1) are sitting. A guy from outside enters the room and tries to hit Mr. C but Mr. C puts him down again. Buella enters the room. Mr. C asks Ray Monroe and Darya
    • Mr. C: “Buella, put something better at your front door.”
    • Buella: “It’s a world of truck drivers.”
    • Buella brings Ray and Darya to the room. Mr. C, Ray and Darya leaves together. Otis addresses him as Mr. C

New York City

  • 0:24:27 The areal view of New York City
    • In the warehouse room with a glass box Sam changes a memory card of one of the cameras. Sam exits the room and finds Tracey outside but there is no guard around. Tracey’s got again two cups of coffee. Sam checks the empty bathroom. Sam and Tracey enters the warehouse room because Tracey insists it. Sam explains that the place is owned by an anonymous billionaire
    • Sam: “I’m supposed to watch the box if anything appears inside. I haven’t seen anything since I’ve started. But the guy that I replaced… he saw something once.”
    • Tracey: “What?”
    • Sam: “He wouldn’t tell me or couldn’t tell me.”
    • Sam and Tracey sits down, drink coffee and kiss. Tracey undresses totally and Sam takes his shirt. They start to make out passionately
  • 0:33:00 The glass box darkens and an nude female figure with a blob (Experiment) as a head materializes in the glass box
    • Sam: “Stop!”
    • Sam and Tracey watch figure with horror. Figure breaks through glass and mutilates Sam and Tracey
Ruth Davenport

Buckhorn, South Dakota

  • 0:34:33 Text: Buckhorn, South Dakota
    • Corridor inside. Marjorie Green’s dog Armstrong smells bad stink coming out of Ruth Davenport‘s apartment. Marjorie knocks the door but no answer. She rushes her home apartment room 218 to call police. She haven’t seen Ruth in three days. Two policemen arrives. All three enters the Ruth’s apartment door room 216 but it is locked. Policemen ask for manager Barnie but he is in the hospital. One of the policeman calls to Darleen for locksmith to address 1349 Arrowhead [Road], possibly 10.54 (a code for Darleen). Marjorie does not know Barnie’s brother’s name, but she know Hank Filmore, Barnie’s friend. Policemen talk with Hank, and the name of Barnie’s brother. Chip.
    • Hank: “Did Harvey send you? Who told you I was going to see Chip?”
    • Marjorie’s got Ruth’s aparment’s key and all three enters Ruth’s apartment. They find a woman on Ruth’s bed. She’s got half of face mutilated and covered with dry blood. There is a bullet wound though her right eye. Cf. the death of Phyllis.
    • Outside Hank calls to Harvey and talks about his place of business. He states that everything he’s got is his and Chip’s.
    • Inside, forensics arrives and documents the dead body on Ruth’s bed. One forensic, both of earlier policemen, Constance Talbot, and Detective Dave Macklay. Constance and Dave reveals the body under the cover. There is a separate head and fat body without head.

Twin Peaks, The Log Lady calls to Hawk

  • 0:43:13 Twin Peaks forest in the dark.
    • At Margaret’s place: Margaret Lanterman (The Log Lady) calls with a log on her laps
    • Sheriff’s Department: Lucy connects Margareth’s call to Deputy Chief Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill. Log’s message: Something is missing and you have to find it. It has to do with Special Agent Dale Cooper. The way you will find it has something to do with your heritage.

Buckhorn’s Police Department

  • 0:45:15 Text: Buckhorn Police Department
    • Dave enters the room. Constance finds out that the head belongs to Ruth, but the body is male John Doe. The finger prints all over Ruth’s apartment belongs to William “Bill” Hastings, who is Constance’s kids [high school] principal.

Bill’s house

  • 0:46:32 Three policemen and Dave arrives at Bill’s house
    • Phyllis Hastings opens the door. Bill enters the door. Dave arrests Bill.
    • Phyllis: “But the Morgans are coming to dinner!”
    • Bill: “Call George and tell him where I am.”

Twin Peaks Police Department

  • 0:48:18 Twin Peaks Police Department
    • Hawk is carrying old evidence boxes in. Lucy and Deputy Andy Brennan enter the room. Hawk repeats Log’s message.
    • Lucy: “But Agent Cooper is missing. And he hasn’t been seen or heart since before Wally was born and Wally is 24 years old.”
    • Andy: “He was born on same day as Marlon Brando.”
    • Hawk asks Andy and Lucy to get the rest of files.

Buckhorn’s Police Department

  • 0:49:29 Buckhorn Police Department
    • Bill is in a interrogation room. Dave is following him behind the one way glass mirror. Police Chief Mike Boyd and Detective Don Harrison enters to Dave. Dave interrogates Bill while Don follows them behind the one way glass mirror. Ruth is a librarian. Mike joins Don. Bill’s got a cap in his story. After Thursday meeting 9:30 to 10:15 at home. He did give his assistant Betty a ride home, and he asked his lawyer George Bautzer. Dave escorts Bill to his prison cell. Bill asks to speak with Phyllis.

Bill’s and Phyllis home

  • 0:56:40 Six policemen, Dave and Don enter to Bill’s and Phyllis’ house with the search warrant. Dave and Don check Bill’s car and open the trunk. Dave’s flashlight is blinking.
    • Dave: “My flashlight’s broke.”
    • Under Bill’s fishing gear they find a piece of meat.
    • Dave: “Woof.”

B&W Scene with The Giant

  • 0:58:40 B&W scene. The Giant watches an old gramophone which sound once like cricket. We cannot see anybody else around.
  • 0:58:52 Ending credits
  • 1:00:34 The End


(from IMDb/Mach 24, 2019)

Directed by 

David Lynch

Writing Credits  

Mark Frost(written by) &
David Lynch(written by)
David Lynch(creator)
Mark Frost(creator)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Kyle MacLachlanDale Cooper
Jane AdamsConstance Talbot
Joseph AugerDelivery Driver (as Joseph M. Auger)
Melissa Jo BaileyMarjorie Green (as Melissa Bailey)
Richard BeymerBenjamin Horne
Michael BispingGuard
Brent BriscoeDetective Dave Macklay
Bailey ChaseDetective Don Harrison 
Catherine E. CoulsonMargaret Lanterman (The Log Lady) (as Catherine Coulson)
James CroakRobby 
Kathleen DemingBuella
Erica EynonExperiment 
Allen GalliMan in Suit
James GiordanoOfficer Douglas
Harry GoazDeputy Andy Brennan
George GriffithRay Monroe
Cornelia GuestPhyllis Hastings
Michael HorseDeputy Chief Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill
Ashley JuddBeverly Paige
David Patrick KellyJerry Horne
Dep KirklandPolice Chief Mike Boyd 
Nicole LaLiberteDarya
Sheryl LeeLaura Palmer 
Matthew LillardWilliam Hastings
Christopher MurrayOfficer Olson
Max PerlichHank 
Kimmy RobertsonLucy Brennan
Ben RosenfieldSam Colby (as Benjamin Rosenfield)
Mary StofleRuth Davenport 
Carel Struycken???????
Russ TamblynDr. Lawrence Jacoby 
Redford WestwoodOtis 
Madeline ZimaTracey
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Geoffrey GouldForensic Photographer (uncredited)
Steven James TingusSilent Cabin Man #1 (uncredited)

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