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IMDb: Hawk searches for something in the woods while Cooper learns that his fate in the Black Lodge may not be sealed after all.

Opening Credits

  • 0:00:00 Twin Peaks logo, theme song and opening credits. 
    • Edited by Duwayne Dunham

Buckhorn’s Police Department

  • 0:01:36 Buckhorn’s Police Department prison
    • William “Bill” Hastings is in the cell. Detective Dave Macklay brings his wife Phyllis Hastings into the cell to talk with. Phyllis knows about his finger prints but Bill tries to say it was a dream. Phyllis does not believe him. Phyllis knows he’s got a fair with Ruth Davenport, so does Bill that Phyllis’ got a fair with George Bautzer, their lawyer. And maybe somebody else too, he added, pointing to Mr. C though he did not know anything about Mr. C. Phyllis leaves and meet George in the Police Department. She reveals to him that Bill knows about their fair. She asks him to meet later at her place. In the background there is also a policeman and Dave.
    • Cut to Bill in a cell. Pan to the other, further cell where sits Black Lodge Woodsman. Then he disappears into thin air.
Phyllis killed by Mr. C

Bill’s and Phyllis’ house

  • 0:06:14 Bill’s and Phyllis’ house
    • At night Phyllis enters home inside
    • Mr. C is already inside
    • Phyllis: “What are you doing here?”
    • Mr. C: “You did good. You follow human nature perfectly. This is George’s gun.” (Mr. C shoots Phyllis in the back while she tries to flee. He drops the gun on the floor and leave.)
    • Cut to Phyllis face. Cf. the death of Ruth

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 0:07:17 The areal view of the city. Text: Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Mr. Duncan Todd says to inner speaker: “Roger, come in here.”
    • Roger enters the room. Man gives him cash.
    • Mr. Todd: “Tell he has the job.”
    • Roger: “You do you let him make you do these things?”
    • Mr. Todd: “Roger, you better hope you never get involved with someone like him. Never have someone like him in your life.”
    • Roger leaves the room.

Ray, and Mr. C talk

  • 0:09:01 At night railroad crossing boom gates closes, the bell is clanging and red lights are on. A train crosses the crossing.
    • Cut to the Motel. Ray Monroe, and Mr. C talk while Jack, and Darya are silent.
    • Ray: “Darya said something about you’ve been worried about the tomorrow or the day after.”
    • Mr. C: “I’m not worried, Ray, about anything.”
    • Ray: “That’s good.”
    • Mr. C: “For a while. Day after tomorrow I need to be on my own. That might be a good time for you to learn to mind your own business.”
    • Ray talks about the information Mr. C wants.
    • Mr. C: “Want, not need. I don’t need anything, Ray. If there’s one thing you should know about me, Ray. It’s that I don’t need anything. I want.”
    • Mr. C: “And I want that information. Kind of funny that she only give it to you.”
    • Ray: “This information seems pretty important to you. Don’t worry. I’ll get it for you.”
    • Mr. C: “And I better be able to trust that information.”
    • Ray: “She’s Hastings’ secretary.” (A link between Ray and Ruth Davenport, Bill Hastings’ secretary.)
    • There is still the sound of passing train in the background. Mr. C pays attention the link between Darya and Ray. They might be Otis’ and Buella’s kids, i.e. brother and sister.

Hawk in the woods at night

  • 0:12:07 Areal view of woods at night. Hawk walks in the woods with a flashlight. Margaret Lanterman (The Log Lady) calls to him and asks where he’s walking tonight.
    • Margaret: “The starts turns and the time presents itself. Hawk, watch carefully.”
    • Hawk: “I will, Margaret.”
    • Margaret: “I’m too weak to go with you. But stop by. I have coffee and pie for you.”
    • Hawk: “It have to be after. I’m almost there now.”
    • Margaret asks to know what happened and they hang up. Hawk reaches the place where Special Agent Dale Cooper stepped into the Black Lodge. There is a fade vision of red curtains but it is unsure weather Hawk sees it.

The Black Lodge

  • 0:15:07 The Black Lodge
    • Red curtains. A naked female statue. Special Agent Dale Cooper is sitting in one of the chairs.
    • Phillip Gerard (One Armed Man) talks to Dale Cooper (subs): “Is it future or is it past? Someone is here.” (Gerard disappears.)
    • A woman looking like Laura Palmer enters the room and sits on the other armchair.
    • Woman says: “Hello, Agent Cooper. You can go out now. Do you recognize me?”
    • Dale Cooper: “Are you Laura Palmer?”
    • Woman: “I feel like I know her but sometimes my arms bend back.”
    • Dale Cooper: “Who are you?”
    • Woman: “I am Laura Palmer.
    • Dale Cooper: “But Laura Palmer is dead.”
    • Woman: “I am dead yet I live.”
    • Woman touches her face and opens it like a door. There is a bright light inside of her head. Woman closes her face.
    • Dale Cooper: “When can I go?”
    • Woman approaches Dale Cooper, kisses him and we can hear very softly: Whisper.
    • Woman whispers in the Dale Cooper’s ear something we cannot hear. Dale Cooper groans softly.
    • Woman straightens up, gasps and screams, and flights up in the air in pain. A big wind blows on red curtains. Dale Cooper can see a white horse (similar than in earlier seasons has been shown). Camera moves forwards, pass the horse and goes on to the darkness.
    • Philip Gerard is back on the first chair next to Dale Cooper.
    • Philip Gerard (subs): “Is it future or is it past?”
    • Suddenly Philip Gerard is in the other end of the room and signs Dale Cooper to follow him through red curtain out of the room. Dale Cooper follows. There is a red curtains corridor. They walk it through and pass to the other room with red curtains. There is a leafless tree with a blob head and cracking electricity.
    • Philip Gerard (subs): “The evolution of the arm.” (Philip Gerard points at the three-thing.)
    • The arm (subs): “I am the arm and I sound like this.”
    • The arm (subs): “Do you remember your doppelganger?”
    • Cut to past seasons: Bob and the Bad Dale laugh. Two Dales run one after the other until the other catches the first one.
    • Cut back to the arm.
    • The arm: “He must come back in before you can go out.”

The Garage

  • 0:25:17 The garage
    • Jack and Mr. C put a car inside the garage. Mr. C takes the key of the garage and car keys. Before Mr. C steps inside the car he touches strangely Jack’s jaw. Mods it.
“This is what I want”, says Mr. C to Darya

The Motel Room

  • 0:26:44 Rumbling thunder
    • Mr. C drives to motel. Darya is talking on a phone to somebody. When Mr. C asks who she was talking to Darya says to Jack.
    • Mr. C: “What did Jack say?”
    • Darya: “He said it’s all good to go.”
    • Mr. C is very suspicious. He peeks through curtains. Mr. C says Ray supposed to meet him but he did not. Mr. C is searching Darya’s .45 (revolver), and takes it from the night table. They lay on a bed side by side very closely.
    • Mr. C: “Darya, Jack is dead. I killed Jack two hours ago after he wired the car.”
    • Darya tries to escape but Mr. C hold her very tightly. Mr. C plays her a tape recorder. He taped the phone conversation they just have with Darya and Ray. Ray was visiting the federal prison in South Dakota. Ray talks about the call from Jeffries (Phillip Jeffries?). Darya supposed to kill Mr. C. After Mr. C stops the tape Darya tires again to escape but Mr. C is strong and she cannot.
    • Darya: “Are you going to kill me?”
    • Mr. C: “Yes, Darya.”
    • Darya tries to escape and Mr. C hits her with his fist. Mr. C asks Darya if she knows who hired them to kill him but she does not know.
    • Mr. C: “The game begins.”
    • Darya did not know why they wanted him to be killed but the amount of the money was a split of a half a million. They knew he was going to go away next day.
    • Mr. C: “Tomorrow, I’m supposed to get pulled back into what they call the Black Lodge. But I’m not going back there. I’ve got a plan for that one.”
    • Mr. C asks for the information Ray supposed to get from Hastings’ secretary.
    • Mr. C: “Did he ever mention coordinates to you?”
    • Darya: “I don’t know what that is.”
    • Mr. C: “Geographical coordinates, numbers, letters.”
    • Darya only knew that she told him something but she did not know what. Mr. C shows Darya a play card.
    • Mr. C: “This is what I want.”
    • Darya tries to escape one more time, she starts to scream, Mr. C gets over her, hits in the face, muffles with a pillow and shoots her in the head, this time from temple to temple.
    • Mr. C opens his very old computer, and calls.
    • Mr. C: “Phillip.”
    • The answerer: “You’re late.”
    • The answerer: “I missed you in New York, Burt I see you’re still in Buckhorn.”
    • Mr. C: “And you’re still nowhere, is that correct?”
    • The answerer: “You met with Major Garland Briggs.”
    • Mr. C: “How did you know that? Phillip?”
    • The answerer: “Actually, I just called to say good-bye.”
    • Mr. C: “This is Phillip Jeffries, right?”
    • The answerer: “You’re going back in tomorrow, and I will be with Bob again.”
    • Mr. C: “Who is this?”
    • The end of the conversation. The connection was lost.
    • Mr. C contacts with his computer to FBI. The map shows Buckhorn, South Dakota. The other spot is on Yankton Federal Prison. Mr. C downloads all information of Yankton Federal Prison, South Dakota – Level 4 Security System.
    • Mr. C unplugs the computer and leaves the room #6 with red door. He walks to the next door room #7. There is inside Chantal Hutchens. He asks her to clean up room #6. She know about Darya. He asks her to get her husband Hutch because he need them in certain area in a few days.
    • Chantal: “Okay, boss.”
    • They supposed to have sex after that but it is only hinted in the end.

The Black Lodge

  • 0:40.32 The Black Lodge
    • Special Agent Dale Cooper, the Arm, and Philip Gerard.
    • The Arm (subs): “253. Time and time again. Bob. Bob. Bob. Go now! Go now!”
    • Philip Gerard and Dale Cooper leaves the room. On a corridor there is only Dale Cooper, and he cannot enter the other red curtain room. Dale Cooper goes back the first room. There is no the Arm in there anymore. Dale Cooper goes out of the room from the other end. He walks through the corridor, and enter the other room. In a room Leland Palmer is sitting on the armchair.
    • Leland Palmer: “Find Laura.”
    • Dale Cooper exists the other end of the room. In the other room the floor starts to change.
    • In the room with the Arm, Philip Gerard is lost. Cut to naked female statue. Back to the room with the Arm and Philip Gerard.
    • Philip Gerard: “Something’s wrong.”
    • The Arm: “My doppelganger.”
    • In the other room, Dale Cooper exists room from the other end. He enters the corridor with a statue of naked female. Dale Cooper walks the corridor and opens curtains and sees outside where is a road and a car approaching. The driver is Mr. C. He checks the time.
    • The statue next to the good Dale changes into the doppelganger of the Arm. The floor under the good Dale shakes.
    • The doppelganger of the Arm: “non-exist-ent!”
    • The floor under the good Dale opens and he drops through space and lands on the glass floor. There is a city skyscrapers around and apparently he is outside the glass box laying on a glass floor high up on a skyscraper of New York City. He fells though glass floor and he is floating inside the glass box. There is nobody inside the warehouse room. The door out of the warehouse room is open. There is nobody behind the guard’s desk. Sam Golby checks the empty toilet. Tracey is peeking behind him.
    • Cut back to the glass box where Dale Cooper is floating inside. After a big noise Dale Cooper is gone out of the glass box again. The glass box is empty.
    • Dale Cooper goes on with falling through the space.

At the Palmer’s house, Twin Peaks

  • 0:47:56 The Palmer’s house
    • Sarah Palmer is heavily smoking and watching from the television a violent nature film where lionesses attack on water buffalo to kill. She drinks Bloody Mary.

The Bang Bang Bar, Twin Peaks

  • 0:49:11 Chromatics’ starts to play “Shadow”
    • [Shadow / Take me down with you / for the last time / you’re in the water / can you hear me / at night I’m driving in your car / pretending that we’ll leave this town / we’re watching all the streetlights fade / and now you’re just a stranger’s dream / I took your picture from the frame / and now you’re nothing like you seem / your shadow fell like last night’s rain]
    • Shelly Briggs is having fun with three other girls in the bar while the band is playing live. James Hurley walks in the bar with Freddie Sykes. Freddie’s got a green glow on his right hand.
    • Shelly Briggs: “No, you guys, my daughter is with the wrong guy.”
    • Renee: “Are you kidding me? Everybody loves Steven.”
    • Shelly Briggs: “You don’t know Becky. I can see it on her face. There is something really wrong.”
    • Hannah pays attention James was staring at Renee.
    • Hannah: “There’s something wrong with James.”
    • Shelly Briggs: “There’s nothing wrong with him. James was in a motorcycle accident. He’s just quiet now. James is still cool. He’s always been cool.”
    • Jack Renault is the bartender. Shelly Briggs’ boyfriend Red is there also.
  • 0:52:53 Ending credits
  • 0:53:33 The End


(from IMDb/Mach 24, 2019)

Directed by 

David Lynch

Writing Credits  

Mark Frost(written by) &
David Lynch(written by)
David Lynch(creator)
Mark Frost(creator)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Kyle MacLachlanDale Cooper
Joe AdlerRoger 
Mädchen AmickShelly Briggs
Steve BakerJack
Brent BriscoeDetective Dave Macklay 
Gia CaridesHannah
Catherine E. CoulsonMargaret Lanterman (The Log Lady) (as Catherine Coulson)
Neil DicksonGeorge Bautzer 
Patrick FischlerDuncan Todd
Balthazar GettyRed 
George GriffithRay Monroe
Cornelia GuestPhyllis Hastings
Michael HorseDeputy Chief Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill 
Nicole LaLiberteDarya
Sheryl LeeLaura Palmer
Jennifer Jason LeighChantal Hutchens
Matthew LillardWilliam Hastings
James MarshallJames Hurley
Walter OlkewiczJean-Michel Renault 
Ben RosenfieldSam Colby (as Benjamin Rosenfield)
Frank SilvaBob (archive footage)
Al StrobelPhillip Gerard
Jessica SzohrRenee
Jake WardleFreddie Sykes
Ray WiseLeland Palmer
Grace ZabriskieSarah Palmer 
Madeline ZimaTracey 
Ruth RadeletChromatics
Adam MillerChromatics 
Johnny JewelChromatics
Nat WalkerChromatics
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Celeste CookBang Bang Bar Patron (uncredited)
Alex ReymeBang Bang Bar Patron (uncredited)
Stewart StraussBlack Lodge Woodsman (uncredited)

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