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Richard Corben Work History

This info is taken from the original page of Richard Corben’s own web site, which does not exist anymore. Page was dated 11/10/98.

1962: BFA Kansas City Art Institute. Began six year enlistment in US Army Reserves.

1962-71: Position as animator/artist/animation cameraman at Calvin Productions in Kansas City.

1968: Produced a short animated film, Neverwhere, which won a C.I.N.E. Golden Eagle and President of Japan Cultural Society trophy.

1971: Began career as a free-lance comic book artist and cover illustrator. Appeared in many underground comics and Warren Publishing horror comics, Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella.

1974: Painted movie poster, Phantom of the Paradise.

1974-76: Featured artist in French magazine, Metal Hurlant.

1975-85: Syndicated in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Swedish magazines.

1976-85: Featured artist in U.S. magazine, Heavy Metal.

1977: Painted record cover, Bat out of Hell. One week from commission to delivery for CBS Records. The cover was shown at the 1978 New York Art Directors Show. The record (and cover) achieved gold and platinium status.

1981: Den, a Corben character, was featured in the Columbia anthology movie, Heavy Metal. The film became a cult classic and was re-realased in 1996. Corben also did a poster for the film.

1981: Record cover for Jim Steinman’s, Bad for Good.

1979-87: Various paperback book covers, most for the juvenile role playing game books.

1984-87: Exhibited in Kansas City mail shows, including the Westport Art Fair.

1985: Featured artist at Gallery of Arts at Crown Center in Kansas City. Work included in Art In the Woods, a prestigious art exhibit in Kansas City.

1986-94: Began Fantagor Press to publish Corben comic books and collected editions. We published the following titles: Rip in Time, Den, Son of Mutant World, Horror in the Dark, DenSaga, From the Pit and about twenty books including Richard Corben Art Book 1 & 2.

1986: Spookies video cover and movie poster for Sony video.

1989: Fantagor Press produced a video, The Dark Planet. The edition of 2000 sold out within three months of release.

1996: Batman Black and White for DC Comics.

Denz comic series for Penthouse Comix.

1997: Alien (Alchemy) series for Dark House comics.

The Survivor DC Weirdwar comics.

1998: RAFM miniature game box art with nazi dwarves.

Killer Smile for DC Comics.

Satanica pages for Verotic publishing.

Several stories for Forbidden Zone, Galaxy comics.

3-D animation included in Digimation‘s demo tape (the largest publisher and distributor of 3-D Max plug-ins).

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