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Créatures de crève [FRA]

Translated Corben in France

(in French)

Créatures de crève

1989. Comics USA-Glénat. 48 pgs. [bob]

“Gurgy Tate, Horrilor, Fantagor, Uk & Friends” 
Front Cover Art r[Richard Corben’s Funny Book (1976)FiF, pg 24]-Richard Corben. Color.
“Dome Battle”
Back Cover Art-Richard Corben. Color.
“La nuit du singe”
Inside Covers Art-Richard Corben. Color.

“Bull Digger [FRA]”
Original story: “Bull Digger”
s/a/c/r[Horror in the Dark #4 (1991)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“Chard [FRA]”
Original story: “Chard”
s-Herb Arnold, a/r[Hot Stuf’ #5 (1977)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

“Dome Battle [FRA]”
Original story: “Dome Battle”
s/a/c/r[Den [III] #5 (1989)]-Richard Corben. Color.

“La maladie”
Original story: “Infected”
s-Bruce Jones. a/c/r[Twisted Tales #1 (1982)]-Richard Corben. B&W(!).

“Ogre II [FRA]”
Original story: “Ogre II”
s/a/r[Fantagor #5 (1983)]-Richard Corben. B&W.

“Rex et moi”
Original story: “Me an’ Ol’ Rex”
s-Bruce Jones. a/r[Twisted Tales #3 (1983)]-Richard Corben. B&W(!).

“La nuit du singe”
Original story: “Night of the Monkey”
s-Simon Revelstroke. a/c/r[Alien Encounters (1986)]-Richard Corben. Color.

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