1978 Warren Calendar

1978 Warren Calendar

1978 Warren Calendar

1978. Warren. 12″x16-1/2″. $2.98. B&W (with metallic border printing) on high-quality stock with spiral-bound format. [eerie90,twc,ebay].
Eerie #90 (1978) inside back cover ad says, 12 NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED MAGNIFICENT ILLUSTRATIONS. — Each illustration is framed by a glistening metallic border and, thorugh a unique design, each month’s calendar area lies along the bottom inch of the page. — [as each month is ended, you simply tear out the page, trim approximately an inch from the top and bottom of the print, and you’ll have high-quality artwork, suitable for framing!] —
Illustrations by Auraleon, Luis Bermejo, Richard Corben, Leopoldo Duranona, Jose Gonzalez, Russ Heath, Esteban Maroto, Jose Ortiz, John Severin, Ramon Torrents, Alex Toth, and Bernie Wrightson.

The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben

“The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben [B&W]” [PICT].
1 pict [The Odd Comic World of Richard Corben (1977)]-Richard Corben. B&W. Full pager.

Other Warren Calendars

The 1976 Warren Calendar is color, 19″x13″ on a format of 1975 Calendar (Nov. 1975. $2.98), but 12 times by Sanjulia. [vampi48,twc]

The 1977 Warren Calendar is featuring Vampirella and other girls (Nov. 1976. $2.50), but 12 times by Enrich. [vampi56,twc]

1979 Frazetta Calendar is official Warren Calendar for 1979, but by Frazetta, of course [eerie97]

There is Boris Vallejo Fantasy Calendar 1980, but is it official Warren Calendar? [eerie109]

1978 S.I. Artists Calendar

1978 Warren Calendar was printed in Spain also. There it was called as 1978 S.I. Artists Calendar (1977).

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