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Fantastic Females

Fantastic Females

Aug. 1984. Blackthorne Publishing. 9-1/2″x12-1/2″. $20.00. Full color plates in a gold embossed, full color presentation folder, each signed and numbered. [cjour91,ebay,bob]

Fantastic Females

Portfolio includes also:
Inside Front Cover: Certificate
Inside Back Cover: Profile
Back Cover: Table of Contents

“Dreams of an Ancient World [VERS.1]”
Front Cover Art (of folder). a[art2, pg 58]-Richard Corben. Color. [ALTERED-VERS]In this version less branches in the tree.

Plate #1: “The Sword [VERS.1]”
1 plate. a[art1, pg 22]-Richard Corben. Color.
Painting before Bodyssey’s “Pilgor and Boonthas”.

Plate #2: “The Snow Creature”
1 plate. a[FiF, pg 177, art2, pg 23, CI-card #P2]-Richard Corben. Color.

Plate #3: “The Cat Girl [VERS.2]”
1 plate. a[art2, pg 31]-Richard Corben. Color.
The cat girl with big cats version.

Plate #4: “Jovian Blue Girl”
1 plate. a[art2, pg 49]-Richard Corben. Color.
Woman has opened arm, but no child in it – reworked from “Fireship” (baby version, FiF, pg 181).

Plate #5: “The Slave Girl [VERS.1]”
1 plate. a[FiF, pg 163, art2, pg 28-29, CI-card #71]-Richard Corben. Color.
Original version – before time ruined original; there is also revised version of this painting.

Plate #6: Venus”
1 plate. a[art2, pg 36]-Richard Corben. Color.

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