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The Conqueror Worm

“The Conqueror Worm”

The Conqueror Worm

8 pgs. Appeared first time [B&W] in Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe #1 (2006). Reprinted [B&W] in Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe [HC] (2006) and [B&W] in Haunt of Horror (2009).
Inspiration: Edgar Allan Poe. Story: Rick Dahl. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettering printed (VC’s Randy Gentile).

Serbia [SER]: as “The Conqueror Worm [SER]”, in Jeznovik #5: Leglo strave 2, Edgar Alan Po (2015).

Style: Black line, CG Greytones. Genre: SF. Time Span: Future. Nudity: None.
Keywords: Aliens. Attack. Food. Starving. Military. Delecation.
Original Art Plate: Drawn with Sharpie and Pigma pen on Strathmore bristol paper, size 11″x17″. [Corben’s web site]Story Origin: Edgar Allan Poe poem, “The Conqueror Worm”.
Synopsis: About 50 years ago was alien worm attack. All animal spieces were destroyed by virus epidemic. People were starving. All but one group. Delecation was send to check how it’s possible. They find out the horrific truth.
Comment: Mediocre story by Mr. Margopoulos. Poe’s poem appears only in the very end of the story. Mr. Corben’s artwork is very good; lots of interesting close ups for faces.
Special: Artwork was a collaboration with Richard Dahl.

The Conqueror Worm, 8 pgs
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