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Pilgor the Plunderer, Plate #3

Pilgor the Plunderer Portfolio, Plate #3

1981. Toutain Editior. 37,6 x 46,8 cm. B&W. [nico,plogg]

Printed in: Pilgor the Plunderer [SPA] (1981)

Plate #3: “Pilgor Discusses Politics with his Friends”
1 plate. s-Bruce Jones. a/r-Richard Corben. B&W.

The next morning, Pilgor awoke with a splitting headache to find the blood-stained tavern still as death. All about him lay carnage. Not one of the hapless locals had escaped his lustful revenge. All lay strewn about the hardwood floor, completely dismembered. Weakly, Pilgor struggled into the bright sunlight. But even as he approached his faithful horse, Turgis, the bite of cold steel nipped at his back. Turning, Pilgor faced the buxom visage of cruel Machola, wife of one of the slain brawlers and her gang of widowed henchmen. A smile of licentious revenge flecked Machola’s lips as her eyes traveled down Pilgor’s pink-veined length. Barking orders, she had him bound and led to a bloody stump usually reserved for slaughtering fowl. She hissed a promise, “This day one more cock shall lose its crown!”

Pilgor was forced to kneel before the crimson-stained wood and watch with gritted teeth as several of the vengeful widows layed his massive head across the block. Machola raised the blade, aiming at the thick neck.But even as the whistling steel descended, Pilgor called upon his incredible muscular control and sprang upright at the last second. The blade bit into empty wood. Machola stared in disbelief at the awesome sight before her. “Never have I seen anything to equal this!” she whispered hoarsely. “Never such speed – such dexterity!” Pilgor stood proud and rigid, grinning.

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