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Pilgor the Plunderer, Plate #4

Pilgor the Plunderer Portfolio, Plate #4

1981. Toutain Editior. 37,6 x 46,8 cm. B&W. [nico,plogg]

Printed in: Pilgor the Plunderer [SPA] (1981)

Plate #4: “Machola Seeks a Remembrance”
1 plate. s-Bruce Jones. a/r-Richard Corben. B&W.

It was decided among the band of widows to offer Pilgor a recompense. If he could dance with each of them, one after the other, without his strength abating and then – with sword and shield only – slay the dreaded Phalosaurus that plagued the village, he would be set free. Pilgor danced obligingly with each of the seven women until they lay sore and moaning, and still he remained upright. Such was his strength. As twilight crept across the violet hills, the young warrior armed himself and sought out the hideous dragons. Scarcely had he entered the short stretch of desert that was their home, than Pilgor was set upon by a long-necked Phalosaurus and its mate. Twisting its heart-shaped head about in angry hiss, the venemous beast loosened a stream of white, viscous fluid upon the startled adventurer’s head and Pilgor found himself mired in a white, sticky tide.

Realizing his puny sword would be useless against such rigid odds, Pilgor reached into his boot pouch and withdrew a vial of pungent, sweet-smelling liquid. Wrenching an arm from the briney goo about him, he flung the bottle at the loose folds of skin on the creature’s chest. As if on command, a horde of sand crabs swarmed from the earth and buried themselves in the fleshy folds, setting up a terrific itching that soon drove the Phalosaurus mad with anguish. Reeling and scratching it collided with its mate which instantly found its own self covered with the bothersome parasites. Bellowing their rage, the creatures lumbered off across the dunes and Pilgor grinned in satisfaction, knowing they would infect any Phalosaurus they came into contact with, until the entire population was driven mad with itching.

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