Pilgor the Plunderer, Plate #8

Pilgor the Plunderer Portfolio, Plate #8

1981. Toutain Editior. 37,6 x 46,8 cm. B&W. [nico,plogg]

Printed in: Pilgor the Plunderer [SPA] (1981)

Plate #8: “Pilgor’s and Ammora’s Happy Ending”
1 plate. s-Bruce Jones. a/r-Richard Corben. B&W.

The two lovers clung to each other tenderly in the waning rays of twilight. The storm had passed as quickly as it came, taking Hunghoul and his hellish legions with it. Long had Pilgor fought for Ammora. Long had he earned the right to dance with her this night. As he took the girl’s trembling form into his arms, he could scarcely believe the moment was truly happening, so arduous had been their journey, so lengthy their separation. A shudder passed from Ammora’s breast. Pilgor cupped the sweet face gently in his strong hands. “I know you are weary, little one,” he whispered, “and I’ll understand if you’d rather not…” Ammora gazed down at him, a thrill racing through her at the sight of his savage power. She smiled, positioning herself eagerly. “I have saved the last dance, my Prince,” she murmered, “for you!”

(Bruce Jones, Kansas, March 1981)

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