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Pilgor the Plunderer, Plate #5

Pilgor the Plunderer Portfolio, Plate #5

1981. Toutain Editior. 37,6 x 46,8 cm. B&W. [nico,plogg]

Printed in: Pilgor the Plunderer [SPA] (1981)

Plate #5: “Hunghoul’s Guards”
1 plate. s-Bruce Jones. a/r-Richard Corben. B&W.

Ammora was wracked with pain form head to toe. In the twelve hours since her capture, Ytgna had used every inch of the lovely girl’s soft, yielding flesh in a variety of bizarre experimental dances. Long ago had she ceased to experience any kind of pleasure from his grunts and shoves, only a feeling of gorged repulsion as he heaved her across the dance floor, crushing his scaly body to her, the amplitude of his desire reaching her very heart. Ammora was fast becoming aware that unless she freed herself of this insatiable cavorter, she would surely die in his arms.

Suddenly she saw her chance! As Ytgna shifted position for a new technique, he brought her to within arm’s length of the palace wall upon which hung a glistening broadsword. Pushing the lizard-man from her in a feigned gesture of girlish play, she seized him with one hand and began a series of rythmic steps that soon brought Ytgna to a fresh delirium. Back and forth, back and forth until his eyes fairly popped from his head. Then, at the height of his frenzy, she gripped the broadsword in her strength. There was a simultaneous cry of pain and pleasure from Ytgna’s lips as twin streams of life-giving fluid pumped from his vitals. But to her horror, Ammora found that she had not killed the reptile-man at all. Instead, she had merely released the hideously rotting form of Hunghoul the Hated from the wretched creature’s inner being. And accompanying the lust-crazed carrion-eater was his entourage of the undead, each bearing an exotically-tipped staff upon which they eagerly sought to make the exhausted girl dance yet again.

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