Corben and Cars

Corben and Cars

Richard Corben bookshelf
Horrible Harvey's House
Horrible Harvey’s House (1971), pg 2.

The word car is believed to originate from the Latin word carrus or carrum (“wheeled vehicle”), or the Middle English word carre (meaning “two-wheel cart”, from Old North French). It originally referred to any wheeled horse-drawn vehicle, such as a cart, carriage, or wagon. “Motor car” is attested from 1895, and is the usual formal name for cars. The term “horseless carriage” was used by some to refer to the first cars at the time that they were being built, and is attested from 1895. [Etymology of car]

Though the history of automobile can locate in the early 19th Century it was not until the break of 20th Century people started to use cars as we know it. Karl Benz developed in 1885 a petrol or gasoline powered automobile, and Ford started to mass produce in 1908, soon after bringing out his Model A in 1903. Steam-powered wheeled vehicles were invented already in 17th Century. [History of Automobiles]

A car is a vehicle Mr. Corben used to use for the opening of the story, to bring action to the scene. There is not much of road stories driven by car. Car is a modern way of moving around and majority of Mr. Corben stories are located to the fantasy world, science fiction or the time before cars. Horse and a carriage kind of stories, or a mount you can ride on anyway. Mr. Corben does not draw Christine (1983), the killer car type of stories. A house is more common entity in his stories. Never a car.

Here are listed stories included cars.

  • An Angel Shy of Hell! (1974) is a post apocalyptic story where the main protagonist drives around with a car.
  • Anti-Christmas (1975) is a horror Christmas story. This time three wise men from East use car to find baby they are looking for.
  • Arthur Jermyn (2008) is a horror story which starts with some nice, old cars on frontyard of a house.
  • Banner (2001) is a scifi story but others than protagonist have to reach from place to place by vehicles. Sometimes they are flying but they use a lot of cars as well.
  • Berenice [I] (2006) is an old horror story with police involved. That why there exists a police car in the middle of the story.
  • Bigfoot (2005) is a modern myth story. Several times in it car was used as a vehicle to reach destination.
  • Birthday! (2017) has got a car in the mids of the story bringing people from one scene to the other.
  • Bless Us, Father… (1974) is a police story and you can see a couple of times a police car but surprisingly the main policeman is all the time on foot.
  • Bloodstar (1976) is a post apocalyptic story. Though it is mostly a fantasy story, in the beginning there is almost ten pages telling the backgrounds what happened before. There is a car or two waiting for the change.
Bogged in the Bayou!
Bogged in the Bayou! (2017), pg 1.
  • Bogged in the Bayou! (2017) is a common horror story with a car bringing main character to the scene. In the end car will be isolated.
  • Bright Eyes! (1972) is a zombie story and they walk all around by foot. Actually there is one frame with a guy driving to find them.
Bye-Bye Miss American Dream
Bye-Bye Miss American Dream (1975), pg 6.
  • Bye-Bye Miss American Dream (1975) is an old gangster story and there are several old cars.
  • Cage (2002) is a modern gangsta superhero story. Sure you can find some cars from it though Luke Cage prefers to move around on feet.
  • The Canal (2008) is a horror story with lots of water. Some cara end up into floods but they are suffering in the background.
  • The Clown (2017) does not have a car but since the story is located in circus, there’s a lot trailers around.
  • The Conqueror Worm [I] (2006) is actually a post apocalyptic war story with a scifi flavour. There lays around some broken down cars.
  • Demon in the Cockpit (1974) is a scifi story and there is no cars but people are driving with some sort of Golf cars from one place to the other.
Den [I]
Den [I] (1973, 1975-1976), pg 14 (of full length version).
  • Den [I] (1973, 1975-1976) is a fantasy story which starts from modern days. You can see a familiar Bug, an old Volkswagen in a couple of frames. Fantasy part is free from cars.
Den 4: Dreams
Den 4: Dreams (1988), pg 9. A vehicle.
  • Den 4: Dreams (1988) is a fantasy story on the line of DenSaga but you can find a vehicle from it. There is not exactly a car but you can see an ATV of sort, an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Den 5: Elements (1988-1989) is a fantasy story on a line of DenSaga but you can find a vehicle from it. There is a drilling, underground vehicle Den is driving with. As well a submarine and a flying machine for one man.
  • Denz (1996-1997) is a kind parody of DenSaga and it starts with more or less alternative modern days. You can see some cars there but none later in fantasy part.
  • Don’t Steal from the Dead! (2017) is located inside the grave yard. You may thing there will be no car. You are wrong. The caretaker is driving with a small vehicle you cannot call as a car but there is enough room for two.
Dun's Return
Dun’s Return (2013), pg 1.
For Better or Worse
For Better or Worse? (2016), pg 4.
Gastric Fortitude
Gastric Fortitude (1972), pg 1.
The Grifter!
The Grifter! (2017), pg 1.
  • The Grifter! (2017) is a 50’s horror story with car bringing the main protoganist to the scene. The car is similar model of a car you can find from the other Shadows on the Grave issues, like in the stories, “Bogged in the Bayou!”, “For Better or Worse?”, “A Muddy Plot”, and “Roadside Horror Museum”.
  • The Grave Flies (2017) is a horror story with car bringing main guys from one place to the other. Twice. In the end the car will be isolated.
  • Halloween Glasses (2006) is a story of common guy who walks around and do nothing. In the latter part of the story he spend time outside and we can see some cars in distance.
  • Hellboy: Being Human (2011) involves a policeman and a police car they drives into scene in the very beginning of the story.
  • Hellboy: The Crooked Man (2008) starts with a view of front yard of a house in the middle of woods. There stands an old truck. Do anybody use it? Not in this story. There is also a climbs of a train and a tank but now they are in ruins.
  • Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil (2010) prologue starts with a view of a back alley. There is a wrack of a car.
    • Sullivan’s Reward is the first story of two. It starts with a house, Bill’s Diner, and one car in front of it and the other back. Guy tells a stroy of the other house and you can see pieces of cars in front of that house but none useful car. The second story starts similar way but you cannot see any cars in it.
  • Hellboy: House of the Living Dead (2011) has got a pretty long prologue before a man drives Hellboy to the other destination by car. Later in the story Hellboy enters a bar middle of nowhere. There is apparently working truck in front of it.
  • Hellboy in Mexico (2010) starts with a scene in old gas station and in front of it you can see a junk of metal which used to be a car. Later in the story Hellboy meets two wrestlers. They’ve got a proper car, one of them is sitting inside behind the wheel. And that car they also use during the story in several times.
  • Horrible Harvey’s House (1971) is a funny horror story from underground perioid. In this story the car is more than just a vehicle which bring people into scene. It is the car. It is the car Mr. Corben used to owe. You can find it from Den [I] and you can find it from Neverwhere the Movie (1968). It is present all the time during this story. See the headline of this article.
Infected (1982), pg 2.
  • Infected (1982) is a horror story with a guy who runs his life with a car. Most of the time in a story.
  • The Island! (2017) is puoring with water. It will take time for our protagonist to reach his destination. In the end he will loose his car.
  • Izrafel (2006) is a gansta horror story and where is gansters there is cars but only to bring them from one place to the other.
  • Kittens for Christian (1972) is a post apocalyptic story with broken carsin the background. Everybody is walking here.
  • The Lake (2006) is a horror story with a standing car in the opening frame.
The Man on the Juice Wagon
The Man on the Juice Wagon (2007), pg 3.
  • The Man on the Juice Wagon (2007) is an exception for the rule. Actually the storyteller enters and leaves the scene with car. He’s using it even during the story, he is the man on the juice wagon.
  • Masks: Redhawk – Costumed Hero has got a vehicle, a motorbike to enter the scene, and the scene is located in a trailer park.
  • Me an’ Ol’ Rex (1983) is a story where policemen were involved. In the opening frame you can see an old car and several police cars.
  • Mirror Image (2017) starts with the side mirror of a car. But it is the first and the last time we can see that car.
A Muddy Plot
A Muddy Plot (2017), pg 1.
Mutant World
Mutant World (1978), last frame of last page.
  • Mutant World (1978) is scifi and apocalyptic story. It is a hose and carriage story but there is also an army side of it. They use motor vehicles but not exactly cars. All cars are gone. In the last picture of the story you can see a trailer which has not been used as a car in ages.
On the Street
On the Street (2002), pg 4.
  • On the Street (2002) interacts with car only in the end, as an ending of the story.
  • The Pest! (1971) is a horror story where middle of nowhere comes a car and drive away. Hit and run!
  • The Punisher (2004) is a post apocallyptic dystopia. There are some cars here and there on a background but nobody is using them. They are useless.
  • Rat God (2015) is an exceptional story. The main protagonist is driving around mostly by his car.
The Return of the Sorcerer
The Return of the Sorcerer (1993), pg 1.
  • The Return of the Sorcerer (1993) is an old horror story. The main portoganist arrives to the house by car. You can see only a climbs of a hood of the car but with that you can dermine the approximate time span for the story.
Rip in Time #1
Rip in Time #1 (1986), pg 10.
  • Rip in Time (1986-1987) is a scifi story and most of the time story is in past since the theme is time travelling. In the beginning you can see cars, and there will be both modern and old cars.
Roadside Horror Museum
Roadside Horror Museum (2017), pg 5.
Strung Along
Strung Along (2016), pg 8.
  • Strung Along (2016) is a horror story located around and inside the carneval car.
  • Swamp Thing: Little Runaway (2005) is a fantasy story but located to alternative modern days. This time you can see cars only for a bird perspective, rather small.
  • Swamp Thing: Missing Links (2004) is a fantasy story but located to alternative modern days. That’s why you can find cars in here but only as side kicks. Well, at least headlines.
  • Twilight of the Dogs (1970) is a scifi story of a car, truck they say. But you cannot see it. Well, a climps in the end. Humans are after it. They want to stop it.
  • Uncle Magnus (2013) does not have cars until on page 3 and 4. That far you have to go to get more people on a scene.
Vic and Blood
Vic and Blood, color version (1989), pg 55.
  • Vic and Blood (1987-1988) is a scifi story. In the future there is not much of cars, and the only one he’s showing is toed by humans.
When Dreams Collide
When Dreams Collide (1971), pg 1.
The Woodlik Inheritance!
The Woodlik Inheritance! (1974), pg 1.
The Woodlik Inheritance!
Volkswagen Squareback (1971).

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