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December 29, 2006: Three Spanish updates: El Comic (1975), La Espada Salvaje de Conan #12 (3rd: 2005), Nueva dimensión #125 (1980).

November 18, 2006. I added a new linked entry, [GOOGLE-BOOK].

October 31, 2006. I added Max Comics: Sample (2006) (incl. sample for upcoming Haunt of Horror: H.P. Lovecraft).

October 16, 2006. I updated Reviews page. Finnish Comics Info magazine Sarjainfo #9 (1/80) and #60 (3/88) are added, as well as all article links for PDF-pages!

October 7, 2006. I updated American Splendor #2 (2006) and Vic and Blood (all).

October 5, 2006. I added a new Spanish item: Solo [SPA] #2 (2005).

September 20, 2006. I added a new Spanish link: El extraordinario mundo de Richard Corben.

September 19, 2006. I added Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe [HC] (2006) and Ghost Rider #6 (2006). I also added synopsis for Ghost Rider: “Hell to Pay”.

September 4, 2006. I added extra picts for Werewolf (1984). Pay attention on “Cyan Dreams [VERS.2]”.

September 3, 2006. On my web site was an error: in Heavy Metal #33 (1979) and Heavy Metal [trading cards] #24 was an artwork pronounced to be made by Richard Corben. That’s incorrect. The real artists were Richard Lon Cohen (!) and John Townley.

August 31, 2006: I corrected the Front Cover Art of Richard Corben obras completas #12: Ultimo Underground Color (1992). People used to mix “Anticipation” and “Midnight Battle”. They were printed at the same time as art prints (1974). The first one is where Mr. Corben lookalike man is sitting on a ground and the latter where he’s standing on a corps of defeated enemy and it’s fly.

August 27, 2006: I added Space Opera.

August 25, 2006: I added Berkeley Comix Convention Program (1973).

August 24, 2006: I added junk of info of the poster of Phantom of the Paradise (1975).

August 19, 2006: I added Heavy Metal Countdown 2000 Desk Diary 1999 (1998) and updated Pilgor the Plunderer [SPA] (1981).

August 17, 2006: I added a new comic book American Splendor #2 (2006).

August 15, 2006: I added new publications: Science Fiction Book Club flyers (many), and Mladina #20 (1987).

August 14, 2006: The official Richard Corben web site has been updated with the brand new outlook. “Biography” section says that Mr. Corben drew some stories for Warren (around 1968), but none of them were accepted, Rejected stories.

August 13, 2006: I added synopsis’s for “The House on the Borderland” and “Vic and Blood”.

August 12, 2006: Some more Italian updates and corrections.

August 10, 2006: 1) An entire Italian Alter alter updated. Lots of updates everywhere. 2) I added a new Italian comics: Aliens Alchemy [ITA] (2004), Batman [ITA]: Bianco E Nero #2 (1996), 100% Marvel: Cage [ITA] vol 1 (2003) (and replaced Banner under the same name, 100% Marvel), Il Corvo Presenta #44 (1999), Vertigo presenta #1 (2000) to #5 (2001), Hellblazer: Tempi Duri (2005), Stan Lee Presenta: Sandman (2002), and cover arts of Congo Bill [ITA], and Crusades [ITA]: Seconda Crociata (2003).

August 9, 2006: An ultimate Italian L’Eternauta updated. Lots of updates everywhere.

August 8, 2006: An Italian Corben bibliography.

July 22, 2006: I added some new links: American, Brazilian, and Italian, and updated synopsises for “Berenice”, “The Happiest Day”, and “Israfel”.

July 9: I added synopsises for “The Conqueror Worm”, “Eulalie”, “The Lake”, “The Sleeper”, “Spirits of the Dead”, and “The Tell-Tale Heart”.

July 8: I added synopsis for “The Raven [II]”.

July 7: I added The Art of Marvel Comics vol. 1 (2003).

July 6: I updated Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe #2 (2006).

June 22: 1) I corrected my all “Pilgor and the Boonathas” to “Pilgor and the Boonthas”, as it suppoused to be. 2) I updated several Italian titles, mostly Alter alter, and L’Eternauta.

May 22: I updated Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe #1 (2006).

May 21: I added a new Spanish blogger link: La Leyenda de Richard Corben.

May 14: 1) I added the Back Cover Art of French Enfants du feu (1988). 2) I added a French Fantastik recucil #1 (1981). 3) I added the Front Cover of Italian Alter alter #8/79.

May 12: 1) I updated all my Links and dates of upcoming B&W comic book Haunt of Horror: Egdar Allan Poe (2006). 2) I also added Italian L’Eternauta #65, #66, #67, #68, #73, #108, #128. 3) I found more Italian L’Eternauta #70, #85 (with Dennis Cunningham!), #86 (with Dennis Cunningham!), #89 (with Simon Revelstroke!), #116 (with Richard Margopoulos!). 4) Actually LOTS of updates and addings all over the page L’Eternauta (all “ebayit”!). 5) I added Turkish Koru and Vampirella [TUR].

April 22: I chaned Spanish Vampirella under it’s real place under the serial Colección “Made in Hell” #24: Vampirella [SPA]. Las crónicas carmesí. Volumen II (2006). I also added the other Spanish item for the same serial, Colección “Made in Hell” #21: Bigfoot [SPA] (2006).

April 22: I added two new issues Vampirella [Harris]: Crimson Chronicles #2 (2004) and Spanish Colección “Made in Hell” #24: Vampirella [SPA]. Las crónicas carmesí. Volumen II (2006). Both includes Vampi’s Feary Tales #13: “Metifa!”.

April 2: I added Siegfried Saves Metropolis (1965) and Nyarlathotep (2006) to movies section.

March 30: I updated The Art of Neil Adams #1 (1975), and Gasm vol. 1 #4 (1978), and I added Risen (2000).

March 18: I updated Back Cover Art for French Razar le lâche (1976).

March 17: I added German Comics Kalender ’83, and Star Fantasy, British [London] Oz, and Italian Big Comics.

March 16: I corrected the colorists of “Bloodstar”. They are Herb & Diana Arnold.

March 4: I completed Spanish Dossier Negro. Thanks to Rafael Alarcón Sierra for ultimate updates.

March 2: I updated Hellboy: Makoma #2 (March 2006) and synopsis Hellboy: “Makoma”.

February 25: 1) I added a new entry Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe (May 2006) 2) I completed Spanish Creepy [SPA] rinde tributo a Edgar Allan Poe (1980). Thanks to Rafael Alarcón Sierra for ultimate updates.

February 21: Since on my Books section (all non-comics publications) I’ve got mixed different language publications I added flags on non-English publications. I hope I did it right.

February 17: I added German magazine RRAA! #22 (1993), and #31 (1995).

February 14: Several minor updates, major ones: Comic Book Artist #4 (1999), a German magazine Das Da Magazine (1981), and a rejected comic story A Feast Unknown (1975), and delayed comic book Fantagor #5 (1974).

February 9: I completed Spanish El extraordinario mundo de Richard Corben [#1] (1977) and #2 (1981). Thanks to Rafael Alarcón Sierra for ultimate updates.

February 2: I updated “Hellboy: Makoma” and Hellboy: Makoma #1 (2006).

January 25: 1) I added Record Cover Heavy Metal the Movie. 2) I added French Solo [FRA] #2 (2005).

January 24: 1) Today I updated Spanish Rip, tiempo atrás #4 (1987). 2) I added a new Spanish web site, El Diaro de Jeremy Brood.

January 18: I updated Spanish Vic & Blood [SPA] [TB], which is actually Cimoc extra color #72 (1990). I also updated Spanish Den [SPA] 2, only I cannot say which print (prob. they are equal though).

January 17: I updated German Neue Geschichten aus 1001 Nacht (1988), which leads me thinking that New Tales of the Arabian Nights (1978) ought to be similar print (both with Foreword, by Harlan Ellison).

January 16: Today I updated Werewolf (1984), Spanish Rip, tiempo atrás #5 (1987), and French Den: La quête #1 (1999).

January 15: Today I updated Spanish Rip, tiempo atrás #3 (1987).

January 13, 2006 (Friday…): I updated Spanish Rip, tiempo atrás #2 (1987).

January 12: I added Danish Giga #7: Hulk #1 [DK] (2005).

January 8: Today I completed Spanish Corben o la ternura del monstruo (1979) and 1984 [SPA] Almanaque section. Thanks to Rafael Alarcón Sierra for ultimate updates.

January 5: Today I completed entire pages of Vampus, and a section of Totem [SPA] extra: Totem especial USA [SPA]. Thanks to Rafael Alarcón Sierra for ultimate updates.

January 2: 1) I added a new entry Altered Comic Stories. 2) I also added Turkish Hulk: Banner [TUR] – Içimdeki Canavar (2003). 3) I updated Richard Corben obras completas #9: Manuscritos de la plaga (1989). 4) Major updates on Spanish section (old stories, produced before 1975)!


December 29: Today I completed entire page of Famosos “Monsters” del cine. Thanks to Rafael Alarcón Sierra for ultimate updates.

December 28: I completed entire page of Rufus. Thanks to Rafael Alarcón Sierra for ultimate updates.

December 26: I deleted Spanish La caída de la casa Usher y otros: relatos de Edgar Allan Poe since it is same as Richard Corben obras completas #4: La caída de la casa Usher y otros relatos de Edgar Allan Poe (1985).

December 22: I updated Hellboy: Makoma (2006) and build up an synopsis page.

December 20: I added a new English link The Fred Hembeck Show and bio article in Back Inside Cover of Comix International #1 (1974).

December 14: 1) Pilgor the Plunderer (1981) portfolio has been printed in both English and Spanish language! 2) Though we do not know, when it’ll be realized, I added for Hellboy: Makoma (2006), 2 issue miniserial, own separate page. 3) I updated more info of Golden Age #7 (1971) and Rocket Blast Comic Collector #81 (1971).

December 12: I erased Danish Gru #31. It looks like Gru was nerver printed more than 30 issues (see Interpresse).

December 5: I updated once more Black Gate #3 (2002) (pay attention, the number suppoused to be #3, not #2). I also updated Photon #18 (1970) through #24 (1974).

December 2: I’ve got more details for Black Gate #3 (2002).

November 20: I added 1987 Portfolio in Defense of the First Amendment (1987).

November 14: I added a fanzine Hobbit House News & World Report #1 (1974).

November 6: I added a newspaper Art Show #1 (1977).

November 1: I added a new Marvel magazine Heroes Vol. 1, #2 (2001).

October 28: 1) I finally was pointed out the B&W artwork of 1978 Warren Calendar (1978). 2) I also paid attention I’ve lost several minor pages from my Navigation bar. I changed one entry to Extras. It contains now Movies, Sculptures, Awards, Record Covers, Pins, Fakes. 3) I added one sculpture, “Gurgy Tate [#2]”, by Brian Davis.

October 18: I added a book The Fantastic Worlds Of Clark Ashton Smith (2005).

September 29: I added German book Erotik und Pornographie im Comic Strip (1981).

September 19: I added Marvel Poster Magazine #2 (2001), which belongs actually on Book section, because it contains no comics material, but I decided to put it on same page with Startling Stories: Banner.

September 19: I updated Epic [GER], one cover and one story more.

September 16: I isolated from Books department Graphic Gallery on own page. Reason: comic story, “Chance Meeting!”.

September 3: I added SeachTips to the Search Engine page.

September 1: I added The Female Response (1973) to the Related To: Movies section. Not much to say about it. IMDb lists it, but Mr. Corben does not remember it at all. Info is prob. from a Corben fan (something in it that you can see, to point at, a poster or a kind).

August 5: I added a new issue of Swamp Thing #22 (2005).

June 22: I updated Bigfoor #1 to #4 (2005) and synopsis “Bigfoot”.

June 9: Mr. Corben has labeled the cover art of Lore I, #5 (1996). The title is now “Uluhtc and Will” instead of an old invented name “Unspeakable”.

May 31: The Most Complete Comicography of Richard Corben has reached it’s new milestone. Lots have changed in the Internet since I started my web site in May 10, 1999 (and on three years ago). Internet is full of picts from Richard Corben’s comics and other art (to not to forget eBay!), which is why I decided to go back to my roots and leave them out of my web site. The main focus will be still to serve Corben collectors.

January 2005: The following [amic] ultra major updates had made during my web site was out of reach:






No recorded data for updates before 2005.

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