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Bible of the Beast

Bible of the Beast – The Collected Works of Richard Corben

2009. This is the collection of Richard Corben short stories. It is not printed but rather a collection of scans. 1080 pgs.

This collection is limited till 1993, the end of Fantagor Press. But also are missing the very first Richard Corben stories, like The Lure of Tower, Dead Hill, Duel of Titans, and the very first one, Monsters Rule. From Warren period you cannot find stories, like The Golden Sun Disk of the Incas or Astrology. Me and UK Fishing, Luscious LuciousThe Light of Day, Chance Meeting!, Spirit Jam, El Comic Vivo, Heroes for Hope, Slash and Burn, Donneman’s Bluff, Such Pretty Little Toes, and The Wreck of the Katerra-Dan are missing as well. And the last three stories were printed by Fantagor Press. Missing are also two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stories, You Had to Be There and Turtles Take Time. I was expected to find several interviews but in this collection you can find only the Heavy Metal interview. There was some done before it.

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